Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 10th Sock Day of Christmas

I was yanked out of bed at the crack of 9 this morning to see the doctor. Very rude :) Anyway I've been x-radyed again and giving lots of new drugs that make me feel horrible and that was kind of the morning.

I got a wonderful little package in the mail! SOCKS from my BC friend who is enjoying her self in Palm Springs! Thank you dear Marlene, so sweet of you.

Sorted out stuff that has to be mailed. I'm still waiting on a couple of little things that will have to go but I should have them in the mail by Wed.

Watched most of my Friday night TV then got in here and worked on Brownie's book. After I went to bed, I realized I had left out an entire section! now I have to figure out how to get it in the right order. What I need is a few more of these weird drugs and I won't remember how to stand up!

My "Surrogate granddaughter" Linda graduated from Law School in Knoxville this afternoon. I'm so glad her whole family got to be there. She misses her Daddy so much. Very proud of her. Now she just needs a job :)

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