Friday, December 10, 2010

The 9TH day of SOCK Christmas

0000000000000 what a night. after laying on the cement slap all day yesterday all day I ached all over and must be careful with the pain meds because when these are gone, I'm on my own.

Have to rise and shine pretty early this day again but at least I get to eat and drink and take my EXCEDRIN! :)

My eye is fuzzy...kind of like looking thru a sheer curtain. and I have little light flashes almost constantly.. It's making me nervous because when my other eye was done it was just like magic! I could see perfectly. My Dr. who is a sweet young lady said that she wants to see me again next week but she gave me her cell phone just in case something happens. She did tell me that my eye looked good. It was still very dilated but she couldn't see any problem. She also said my eyes are both 29/20 now except for slight astigmatism. So not sure what kind of glasses I will come up with.

Worked some more on Brownie's book and got a call from someone telling us our something is READY! So we got our very warm coats and scarves on(it's still VERY cold)and out the door we fly...Literally. :) Anyway we got our something and went by Manchester's WM to exchange something and get family Christmas Cards and home we came in the very cold weather.

So cold and sore I took a hot bath and spent the rest of the evening working on Brownie's Book and remembered a couple other things it needs in it! oh well, I'll do that tomorrow.

Very tired and feel like I've been run over~


  1. I have some I will send you. I haven't been taking them. 3 Tylonol has been working. Don't what I will take if I need them again. I will send you what I have. Its not more than a few though.