Saturday, December 18, 2010

17th Sock Day of Christmas

Awoke Pain Free! (not all day but a good start)

Got my morning routine done and sorted out the Christmas card dilemma.

After lunch we got more "stuff" put together and wrapped! If we survive this team wrapping without homicide or divorce it will be a miracle :)

Brownie's Book Arrived! It's just SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish everyone could see it.. A couple of very minor duplicate pictures. I got it wrapped while he was out running errands.

Got some things in the mail I've been looking for so that's taken care of!!!!!! Still have a list of "things to do" and I wanted to baked next week. I think Yummy will be here Mon and Wed.
so not sure it will get done.

Yummy is spending the night tonight. He and papa are decorating his room!

Brownie "sort of" cleaned the kitchen. I'd take some picture of certain area's but I'll just be grateful!

Got Leas beautiful packages arrived and are under my little tree.

Watched out Fri. night TV and then rearranged out presents!

My Daddy died 55 years ago today. I still miss him.


  1. Yeah for pain free! I wish I could have meet my grandfather.

  2. I wish you could have too. I thought I had the most handsome man in the world as a father! and he taught me to dance! and he loved to hear me play the piano. After highschool I did neither, dance or play the piano. The music just sort of left me.