Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sock Christmas Day 13

So very hard getting up. Lots of pain and it really didn't let up all day. Ended up dipping in to the pain pill stash. But it was a case of just going to bed or taking them and had things I did want to do. I'm saving most for baking next week and our Florida trip.

Talked at the computer to Suzy. We decided to go to the German Restaurant on Dec. 23!!!! Very excited about that Aschia will love it and it will be fun.

Lindsey's in NC, hope the weather is ok. it's just so so here. Still lots of snow.

Caroline has to have her feet looked at tomorrow, I hope all goes well.

City Schools are open tomorrow so I hope they get to have their concert.

We started wrapping tonight, we will get it done! we will we will!

Liam here tomorrow, can't wait for him to see our "Christmas House" ;-)

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