Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8th Day of Sock Christmas

aroused with trepidation! noooooo not really, not worried. Got a shower and got there by 9:30 we got home at 1:45!!!!!!!! Very hungry very thirsty!
The Marvel Clinic also does cosmetic surgery.hmmmmmmmmmm thinking~

Ok, I'm talking about my eye surgery. They really REALLY need to rethink this scheduling. I do know they go thru it very quickly and the Doctor and nurses work very hard and are on their feet for many hours. But if you have an appointment that takes 20 minutes to prepare at the MOST and 10 or 15 at the MOST to perform. 4 1/2 to 5 hours in there is just way too long. We were in the waiting room 3 hours. Nothing done there except 2 minutes of signing in and checking insurance cards. Then you go back in to the prep room where you sit in a recliner for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. In that chair they put in your IV and ask a list of questions such as are you diabetic etc. and then they let you wait till the next rock hard stretcher thing is ready.

After you go to the Rock, they put a pillow under your knees which helps and you have a head rest and the Mr. Cheerful the anethisist comes by. That man is grim! and whatever he gives you it hasn't worked on me, I'm totally wide awake and close to an anxiety attack during the surgery! but whatever :) Anyway they also take your vitals etc. and all the time since I've entered the room it's eye drops and eye drops and MORE eye drops. I never have any problem with my eyes dilating.

SOOOOOO then off the the Surgery ~~~~~ The nurse is very sweet while she tapes your head down and threatens your life if you move your hands! They eye gets washed and draped and washed and draped again and then at some point a contraption holds your eye open and you see lots of lights and dark and LSD sort of stuff :) and it's over.

Takes about 8 minutes and the precious little sweet nurse RIPS the tape off your head and leaves enough skin to cover your cheek bones. A shield is placed over your eye and your told to wear it for 2 hours and at night for a week.

Moved back to the prep room where they take your vitals and whirl you around and jerk you up after you've laid there frozen for 2 hours! And you do feel like you might very well break in two! Your coat is thrown at you and your arms jerked thru and you are plopped into a wheel chair..LOL which is quite entertaining since I didn't need it until she abused me!

My Saint is waiting at the door and out we go to the car and there is a SUBWAY SANDWICH waiting! I told you he was a Saint.

Home again home again.. Lunch at 3 in the afternoon. I ate till I thought I would pop!. Then the drops started..over and over and over and over. But I have a good drop putter inner. He keeps up with the schedule better then me cuz at the moment he sees better.

Felt pretty worn down. Laid down couple of hours and got up and ate a little dinner and watched Survivor! and Modern Family. Love that show.

Been in here working on my book for Brownie. I DO hope I get it done. Tomorrow we have the Dr. appointment in the morning then maybe I can work at it if my eye works. Right now it's blurry and everything has a halo around it. It's already 18 degree's. Going to be FLIPPIN COLD!

Mostly I say this day was just exhausting. I need to sleep about 12 hours in a dark room and a cruise ship mattress!

AND BTW NIKKI sometimes I just love wearing my Irish Christmas socks :) I'm unique that way you know!


  1. Goodness I hope thats not YOUR eye! Narly by the way!!

  2. I was wondering that myself about the eye...wondering just who you talked into taking that picture for