Thursday, April 30, 2009

~Little Bitty's Report Card~

Were so Proud :)

Nothing going on much in the pet life around this house! Too much kitchen stuff keeping Mom and Dad distracted. But Mom and Dad REALLY wanted to share Little Bitty's "report card". They laughed so hard at the "listening" grade :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thankful Tuesday... My "Oak" tree!

On today's Thankful Tuesday, I am thankful for "my" Oak Tree. This is my view I see every morning.

All winter long...this is what I see:( I hate winter's in Tennessee. No green just dismal.(except for Penny, who always brightens my day!)

Two days ago I woke up and this is what I saw!

Now I look out and all is green and fresh and I love it. I remember my Mother saying she loved winter here because she could see further. My mom's glass was always half full :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

~Were in a Holding Pattern~

Mom's waitin, Dad's waitin....everybody's waitin for the Kitchen people to GET AT IT. Mom's going to lose her mind(and that could get ugly)... Since nothing is left in the kitchen and the house has junk piled everywhere........we just did our thing outside today. Very windy, but warm and lovely!

Mom Got her swing and Arbor decorated!

Dad washed his Lawmower!Dad drained the gunk from the pool cover.oooooooooo guess who found it :)

Lil Bro chased invisible bugs

Mom picked up the broken stepping stones and Me and Dad deposited them in Jesus and the 7 dwarfs flower bed.

I love Dad's truck.. What WOULD Good Ole Dad do without me

Mom fed Dapple and Bill a carrot!

Spring beauties are all over our back yard!

Annoying little sister is just SO ANNOYING! and Dad just loves it.. She tried to chase a schoolbus today. That is not a good idea little sister!

Good Ole Dad gave me a treat :)

That made me so happy!

Painter Mark better be here tomorrow or we could get angry!

Well...........not angry, but I might notice :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chapter 32/A couple of Good Days~

Mom wanted to take a picture of her Azalea...A hem.. I just happen to be standing there :)

Dapple came after her apple!

Mom got to visit Cousin Joy. Joy likes dogs, so we know we like her :)

Mom wanted to bring these things home! I remember the last one like that, I tried to step on it all the time :) I've never understood Mom's fondness for them!!!!! She has ME!

LOOK FOR CC story before this! I didn't get it in the right order :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

26O/Happy C.C.

This is a story about my most favorite sister ever.. Her name was Ciera Cinnamon but Mom and Dad called her C. C. She was named that because mom loved the name Ciera and she was the color of cinnamon. . I still love her so much and still miss her, nothing has ever been quite the same since C. C. crossed the Doggy Bridge in to Pet HeavenBut we really need to start at the beginning and that was quite a while before I showed up or 3 or 4 years anyway. Mom was watching a dog show and was listening to the descriptions of the various dogs when they brought out this BEAUTIFUL golden retriever!
(by the way this really is C. C. ! did I trick you?) heh heh heh

Anyway, mom got so excited, she told Dad.. THAT is what I want! And she read all about Golden's and what a sweet disposition they have and how smart they are. She also read about how they could be almost white, with the palest of pale Gold, and each shade darker and darker in between, or more golden..Then there were the most beautiful rich red copper colored Golden's like they had at the dog show. And THAT was what Mom wanted.Well, just a few months later Good Ole Dad came thru! His Fire Chief just happened to be raising Golden's and he had 2 girls who where not spoken for. Well Mom and Dad really wanted a girl so it sounded like a good match! Dad took Mom over to their house and this is what they saw :)

All three Picture's are C. C. In pic one Mom could see her adorable face, pic 2 her VERY large feet :) and pic 3 shows her beautiful rich red/golden color.

Is there Anything cuter then a Golden Retriever Puppy????? Mom doesn't think so. She wanted to take her home right then but she had a wait a week and it gave mom time to prepare for her arrival. Angel was the "queen bee" at our house at that time and no one wanted to hurt Angel's feelings! She was the Miracle Dog in every way!

During the week, Mom decided on her name and got her a puppy bed and toys and chewy's and all those things us baby canines require, or we will eat your HOUSE!

C. C.'s canine parents were named Madeline and Rudy but her grandmother's name was Dusty Cinnamon Lady 11, so that's why mom decided on her middle name. She also had two little human girls who took very good care of them and were very sad to see her go. Their names were Tara and Tori and they cried when Mom came after C. C. They made her a special blanket and Mom STILL has that blanket

CC with her special Blankey

and the little girls got to come visit C. C. when she grew up. C.C.'s canine puppy sister went to another fireman and Mom and Dad got to see her one time after she grew up too. She was ALMOST as beautiful as C.C.:)

Mom can still remember the ride home with that puppy in her lap in her blanket. She was so soft and sweet and loved mom immediately. CC had that big open "I Love the WORLD" face. She had it when she came home that day and for her whole life.
She was a feisty, get in to everything, curious little mischief maker but she was very smart and learned how to mind very well. Mom spend many hours teaching her and when she was about 6 months old CC would sit, stay, lay down and speak with just hand signals. She was VERY smart.

Mom had a day care at that time and CC loved to play with the kids in the playground. Whatever they did she wanted to do, including playing in the sand box!

She also took long walks with the boys and girls and they always fought over who would get to "lead" her:) I think it got to be sort of the other way around.

The first time it snowed CC thought the world was her personal playground! She started running laps around our yard and the neighbors yard and was chasing kids on the sled and trying to get on with them.. We are not quite sure that CC understood that she was "Canine"

CC looked so pretty against the white snow.

When CC got old enough she got to share a pen with Angel and Angel loved her. Mom and Dad could see her right out the front window and they both got to walk and run every evening. On CC's very first Christmas Dad bought her this enormous Doggie Pillow that was to be just hers to keep her warm and be soft and snugly next to Angel. On Christmas morning when Dad looked out the window at her this is what he saw!

"HI DAD !"

The very first summer after Mom and Dad got CC they took her camping. She went with Mom and Dad and brother Daniel and sister Suzy and her Lindsey and little "Horsey Girl".. She went swimming in the lake and slept in the tent with mom and dad and greeted everyone who came by. She did NOT like it when people walked thru their camping area and she warned them big time! She also did not like it when Mom swam. Especially if Mom swam way out in the middle of the lake. She would frantically run along the edge of the lake and bark like crazy telling Mom to get back to the shore! and if little Horsey Girl got too far out she just almost turned herself inside out. She also loved to play in the playground. Now your going to have to trust Mom on this, NO ONE taught her to climb the ladder and slide down. She just got with the kids and did what they did. Just like the sand box. She thought she was a human kid :)

CC always thought playing with the kids was more fun then anything. and she really loved brother Daniel!

CC loved holidays just like sister Angel did. And was very curious about Christmas tree's and giant Easter Rabbit's. She especially liked candy eggs and was in BIG competition when mom would try to have an egg hunt with the Day Care kids!CC's very best friend in the whole wide world was sister Angel... CC didn't like Jed all that much because he was a boy and a bit of a bully. He would never let CC get the Frisbee or stick or ball or anything and she just sort of gave up trying. But with Angel there was always that sweet gentle competition. Angel and CC loved to swim.. and I mean L O V E D it. Mom has seen CC come up over the hill in January with icicles hanging from her long red coat! CC swam every day of her life till about one week before her life was over. Her most favorite thing was playing stick with sister Angel. They would do it for hours if Dad would just throw it.Mom entered CC in the Coffee County Fair 2 times.. She should have won the ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE! After all she is the Star of the fair

Everyone thought that CC was going to win. She was the absolute most beautiful Canine out there! She had a beautiful reddish gold shiny coat and her "feather's" were perfect! But a Big black boy Lab got 1st place and CC got 2nd. Mom was very very proud of her but everyone thought she was robbed!

She is sticking her tongue out at the BIG BLACK DOG

Just look at that beautiful girl! Stupid judges!

The next time Mom entered CC she was getting grey around her muzzle and she just got a brown poop ribbon. Mom hated that ribbon and refused to have her picture made with it! Prejudice against SENIORS!

Next to Mom and Angel, another one of CC's very best friends was Good Ole Dad:) Dad was the CC brusher and he kept her all untangled and shiny and beautiful!One summer it was very very hot and poor CC was really suffering with that heavy coat of hair. She stayed in the river most of the time but even that could not make her cool and her hair got all matted and grosser and grosser so Dad took her and had it all shaved off! CC was so happy!

Brother Daniel almost cried when he saw her!

But it all grew back in and she was more beautiful then EVER! Not a tangle in her hair and beautiful flowing feathers~ In this picture, she's showing you her "best" side :)CC always had a smile on her face..she was a very happy dog!Dad and CC playing monster!

If it's Dad it must be treats :)

Every summer CC tried to get in the swimming pool whenever she was out of her pen! If Mom was in there she thought she belonged in there too. It broke her heart that it was not allowed, They said there was this little "hair" issue in the filter or some nonsense AND she might scratch their precious LINER! But at the very end of every summer just before Dad covered the pool and put it to bed for the winter...CC got to swim. Mom and Dad and brother Daniel and anyone else who was around got to join her and she would swim and swim and splash and climb out and run and jump in and back and forth and back and forth. Oh that sister LOVED to swim!

CC loved to do almost anything. and one of her favorite things to do was eat:) When she was in her prime she weighed 110 pounds! But she wasn't fat!!!!!! Mom loved seeing her belly sway from side to side when she ran, it was beautiful! Stupid vets wanting her to DIET!

She WAS NOT fat she was FLUFFY!

Mom and Dad had a large hanging swing in their carport and CC loved to climb up and swing with anyone that would have her! She didn't care if she weighed 110 Pounds!

Come swing with me?

Only one time in her whole life did CC ever growl at anyone and it was VERY embarrassing to Mom. Remember Mom had a business in her home and the little kiddies Mom's came to pick up their kiddies about 4 in the afternoon. On this particular day CC was lose and out in the carport when Jennifer(Anna and Rah Rah's mom) drove up in her van. When Jennifer started to open her door CC ran over there and stood and stared at her growling under her breath. But it wasn't the fun growl it was the "I'm fixin to eat your face growl!" Poor Jennifer had to call Mom on her cell phone to come outside and get CC. As soon as CC saw Mom, she got all embarrassed. Mom put her in her cage, and we never did figure out why she decided Jen could not get out of her Van that day! But Jennifer never quite trusted that dog again..:(

Now CC did have a very friendly comical growl. Or at least it was to our family. She loved tennis balls. and she could carry them around in her mouth and no one would know she had one in her mouth! Then she would come up to you with the mischievous look in her eye and go grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr under her breath.. but think of that grrrrrrrrrrr with a mouth full of tennis ball! She wanted Mom to wrestle her for it then case it and she'd bring it back and stand there and grrrrrrrrrr some more. Our poor sainted neighbor didn't know this game and one time CC came up behind her when she was weeding her flowers and wanted to ball wrestle.. When she did her grrrrrrrrrrrr, poor Dorothy almost fell head first in the flower bed!

CC was just beginning to get her grey muzzle and a little blonder around her eyes in this picture.. ~WHAT A FACE~

Whenever CC had the chance she LOVED to ride with Good Ole Dad in the back of his truck. Dad always left the window open so she could stick her head in and be sociable, but CC sometimes prefered to just climb in and out and in and out. Everything was a game to her!

After sister Angel was gone, and I had come along..sister CC and I got arrested 2 time!!!!!!! We both have chips in our backs so it wasn't any problem for the nice jail keeper to locate Mom for us. It was kind of scary though and we were very glad to have mom come and get us. CC was very bad about digging holes under the fence and we had a huge fenced in area, with grass and tree's and our own house and Dad even had a heater for us in the winter. But CC was an escape artist!


When Angel died, CC was very sad, very very sad, but I came along very soon afterwords and we became each other's very best friend sisters EVER. In fact what one of us didn't think up the other did!

When Mom and Dad moved out in the country they of course brought me and CC with them! At first we were confined to the dog pen. It was a nice pen, but not as big as the one we had and we didn't like it much. We were always allowed to be out and loose when Mom and Dad was around. And gradually Mom and Dad because to trust us and we didn't have to go to the cage unless they were going somewhere. We love living in the country where we can be OURSELVES!

By the time we moved over here CC was beginning to show her age

I'm so glad that she got to live where she could really run freely around the house most of the time, because that's how she was happiest.

CC loved the big pond that the horse people have and got to have her daily swim! It was while she was doing that one day that Mom and Dad noticed she was having a hard time catching her breath after swimming. Dr. Amy gave her lots of good medicine and it seemed to help her for a while, but she had congestive heart failure, and Canine's or Humans don't ever get over that. She also had stiff joints and it made it hard for her to stay active.

She stayed happy and active until about 2 weeks before she left us. But her heart just couldn't keep on beating and she was getting very sick.

Mom has a beautiful pencil scetch of CC from this photo hanging in her living room. It shows her so perfectly with that open honest lovable face, that mom fell in love with the first time she saw her. And her smile!

The day that CC past on, was a horrible heartbreaking day for Mom, Dad and me and especially for Dr. Amy and her staff, they had tried so hard to keep her as healthy as possible and make her life comfortable in the end. Everyone cried all day, even Dr. Amy...but most of all I just wanted to die too. I had lost my best friend, my best sister. It took many months for me to do anything but sleep. I got very thin and sick..But one day I started feeling better and realized that it NOW was up to me to keep up with Emmett Stone Lane! So that is what I do! Mom got a statue of a Golden that she has in her garden and Dad put CC's collar on it and buried some of her hair he clipped off the day she died.

CC is my most favorite Canine sister ever and our whole family thought she was wonderful and miss her terribly. We LOVE HER!