Friday, April 17, 2009

Chapter 26L/Angel..the Miracle Dog

~Angel, our Miracle Dog~

Mom could write a book about Angel, so this is going to be hard to know what to record and what to leave out!

But let's just start at the beginning...Keep in Mind Dr. Doolittle! Mom and Dad were visiting Sister Suzy, who was all grown up and married to her Lindsey(remember Minnie's arch enemy..heh heh heh).. Sister Suzy and Lindsey were trying to find a house to buy down in Lawrenceburg, about 90 miles from our home! So they took Mom and Dad on a house hunting tour of Lawrence county.

One house they were looking at was way out in the country and when they pulled up they saw something shocking! They saw this pathetic dog tied to a tree, with no food, no water..NOTHING. It was raining and this pitiful canine had no shelter and was just sitting there shaking and looking more miserable then Mom had ever seen an animal look. This poor thing had a mangled front foot, either from a trap or she was chewing on it trying to get untangled. Whatever, it was just horrible.

Well, Dr. Doolittle...errrrr Dad and soft hearted Mom approached this pathetic animal and untied her. Suzy and Lindsey were apprehensive because they could just see themselves with another dog! But that didn't stop Dad. He scooped her up and wrapped her in his coat and in to the car she came and she never looked back for the next 12 years..

It took a long time, but Angel got healthy and gained weight and got all shiny and perfect, except for her paw that always had no hair on it :(

Mom indeed named her Angel, because of her angelic eyes.. And there was never a more devoted Canine child that Mom and Dad have ever had. She loved Mom and Dad more then life itself.

When she grew up she became VERY protective of her family. She wasn't mean, but she would not allow anyone to approach them unless they approved! And she was way overprotective of brother Daniel! When he had friends over and they would run and play, Daniel could NEVER scream or Angel would be all over his friends! This is a dog who never forgot who saved her life!

Angel grew up to be a beautiful dog. She wasn't anything special to other people, but she was beautiful. She had a beautiful brown coat and her face was marked so pretty. Mom thought she was very special and so did Dad.

When Sparky had her Puppies, Angel helped care for them! When Daniel would have those puppies out in the yard Angel would get all a twitter! She would get right at rounding them up and didn't like it one bit that they were allowed to be out of their pen!

Later on when another sister came along, Angel loved to race to get sticks in the river and they would good naturedly fight over the stick. It was a game that Angel never got tired of!

Angel loved holidays almost as much as her human family! and she patiently allowed Mom to dress her up every Christmas :) She always knew there was going to be a special treat when she posed with her silly hats and had her picture snapped!

Mom and Dad loved to walk with their dogs down on a trail by the River.. It went thru the woods and by a waterfall and lots of underbrush. The dogs LOVED those walks and when they got deep into the walk Dad would take them off their leash and allow them to run free. Well this one time Angel and her sister were running free and Angel saw a deer in the underbrush. Mom and Dad sat down to rest and wait for her to return. They waited and waited and then it started to get very cloudy and they could hear thunder and it started to rain and get darker and darker. They called and called and called but they had to leave and head home. It was horrible to leave when Angel wasn't with them, but since it was just up the street a way to the entrance they hoped she would get the scent and come home when she heard the thunder.

It was a very VERY long night. Mom and Dad called and called.. Daniel called and called, all the neighborhood was on alert to find her. It rained and stormed for 2 days and Mom's spirits were down to her knees :( Mom drove up to the entrance to the trail, while it was still raining and called and called, but no Angel.

After 2 days, and many tears Mom looked up from the kitchen window and here came Angel slowly walking down the street. She saw Mom and she ran full speed into her arms. Angel was so happy to see Mom, Mom was so happy to see Angel! She got all dried off and ate a huge bowl of food and curled up on her favorite plaid couch.

Mom and Dad think that Angel came back to the spot where they were sitting to look for them and when they were not there, she just sat there and waited. Poor Angel waited for 2 days before deciding that she must have lost her Mom and Dad and she made her way home. Angel was a very VERY devoted dog.

Sometimes Mom calls me Angel..Maybe because I'm brown or maybe because I remind her of Angel...either way I like it...

~Mom's very last picture of a very old Angel~


  1. Angel the Tennessee Walking Dog!

  2. I called her the poopy puppy cause the day she came to live with us I stepped shall I put this delicately...loose stool? my bare feet...I did love Angel too despite our less than beautiful introduction. What is the story about Daddy and the empty frame where he thought Angel's picture was in it?

  3. Oh Tina let's not embarrass dear ole Dad:)

    I absolutely could have written a book on her! A lot of stuff left out~

  4. Sharon,
    What a heartbreaking but wonderful ending rescue story. I must say, I have never known anyone who had so many animals ... and I'm supposing your aren't done yet! You and Brownie are indeed Mr. Doolittle and spouse.
    Love you,

  5. I think U need to write a book anyway, these stories are wonderful! I remember the day U brought Angel home VIVIDLY! She was meant to go home with U & Daddy thats for sure, she was the most precious dog...