Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chapter 26M/ Grandma's Sheena

Mom has debated about putting Sheena in this series, but we have decided to do it because Sheena did come to our house to live when Grandma first obtained her.. So she is an unofficial Sister/cousin type :)

Grandma was living with Mom and Dad at that time but was about to move to her house out at Beechgrove.. She was looking thru a magazine or watching something on TV when she decided she really REALLY wanted a Bloodhound. Now maybe this wasn't practical for a little grandma to have but she had her heart set on one.

Mom found someone who was selling them and took Grandma over to see this remarkable litter! You would think they all looked alike, but they really don't and Grandma picked out a girl Bloodhound that loved her best and that she loved best:) And when puppy was old enough Mom and Grandma went and picked her up!

Grandma named her "Sheena".. She thought long and hard about that name, and it fit her perfectly. The first week or so Sheena slept on Grandma's bed, but Bloodhounds grow very fast and very big! So very soon Sheena had to go outside to her own special dog house on the corner of Mom and Dad's Yard.

One day Grandma looked out and Sheena was missing! All of little Daniel's friends looked and looked and looked for her. Mom and Grandma and Daniel and his friends were getting desperate. Where could Sheena have gone????? She was tied! She was able to jump up on her house and up on the wall by the house but she couldn't get away.

Well later that night the "Animal Control" called and said that they had arrested Sheena! for running loose! No way no how was she running loose. Mom and Dad had some hateful neighbors at that time and they think that they must have called Animal Control and they undid her leash and took her in :( Anyway, if Grandma had not retrieved her, someone would have gotten a very expensive dog from the pound! Sheena was developing this very big WOOF that probably irritated the neighbors.

When Grandma moved to Beechgrove, Sheena went with her. Grandma loved that dog so much. When she was a year old Grandma made her a birthday cake and Sheena ate the whole thing!

Grandma loved to walk with Sheena to the mailbox. It was a long walk and Sheena was good company. Sometimes it seemed like Sheena was doing the leading but however, they got it done!

Then poor little Grandma got sick and Mom and Daniel were going out to feed Sheena every day while Grandma was in the hospital. When Grandma got out of the hospital she was pretty sure she was going to have to move in to town and she was really upset about what she would do with Sheena. Cousin Nikki thought about having her shipped to her. All of the family was very worried because they knew how much Grandma loved her dog..

Grandma's brother thought that she was foolish to have that big dog, but he did not understand how much she loved her. Maybe a little Froo Froo dog would have been better, but Grandma wanted her Bloodhound!

And then one day when Grandma let Sheena loose for her evening run, Sheena just never came home! Mom drove around the country looking but Sheena just disappeared. But we know what happened to Sheena because every now and then you see a beautiful Bloodhound on a TV commercial! We know that some how Sheena made it to Hollywood and became a STAR!


  1. I think that is exactly what happened....She was a majestic dog!

  2. Mother was so heartbroken losing Sheena. She probably was not practical but Mama loved her. Seeing the pictures of Angel made me sad. She was a great dog. I have a picture of her with socks on her front feet being a Tennessee Walking Dog. Makes me chuckle to remember and she just let Brownie do it.

  3. Angel NEVER forgot how she came to us and we could have tied her ears together and she would have just sat there :) I still see Sheena on TV! She's a mega star1

  4. Sheena was a superhero dog. Very strong & ADORABLE.

  5. You know the friend's that I mention here that helped Daniel hunt for Sheena in Manchester were those two friends of Daniels that were killed when they were 18. John and Joey.