Monday, April 27, 2009

~Were in a Holding Pattern~

Mom's waitin, Dad's waitin....everybody's waitin for the Kitchen people to GET AT IT. Mom's going to lose her mind(and that could get ugly)... Since nothing is left in the kitchen and the house has junk piled everywhere........we just did our thing outside today. Very windy, but warm and lovely!

Mom Got her swing and Arbor decorated!

Dad washed his Lawmower!Dad drained the gunk from the pool cover.oooooooooo guess who found it :)

Lil Bro chased invisible bugs

Mom picked up the broken stepping stones and Me and Dad deposited them in Jesus and the 7 dwarfs flower bed.

I love Dad's truck.. What WOULD Good Ole Dad do without me

Mom fed Dapple and Bill a carrot!

Spring beauties are all over our back yard!

Annoying little sister is just SO ANNOYING! and Dad just loves it.. She tried to chase a schoolbus today. That is not a good idea little sister!

Good Ole Dad gave me a treat :)

That made me so happy!

Painter Mark better be here tomorrow or we could get angry!

Well...........not angry, but I might notice :)

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  1. You got a lot accomplished! What is it about TS that she can't stay out of the mud?