Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapter 26d/The Amazing Samantha!

The is Amazing Samantha in 1986!

Just one of the things that makes Samantha amazing is in 1986 she had already been with us about 18 years! This was the year that she was looking sort of on the brink and she lived for another 4 years! That's right, she lived to be 22 years old :)

Samantha sort of "found" Mom and Dad and they took her in. She wasn't a little kitten even then, but she was young and she was just perfect for 2 little girls. By that time Sister Tina had joined Sister Suzy and they loved Samantha. She had beautiful blue eyes just like sister Tina and Suzy had! And not long after Samantha arrived Mom and Dad got a "friend" for her that the little girls called "Charlie Brown".

Charlie Brown was just a little bigger and a little whiter but they were both pure Siamese and they acted it too. They were characters together. Together Samantha and Charlie Brown had LOTS of kittens. But the first 2 were born on Christmas Eve in Suzy's bed! They named them Kringle and Noel!

Lot's of people wanted Kringle and Noel so they got very good homes but the girls were sad to see them go :(

Another time Samantha had 13 kittens! She could hardly keep her belly off the floor before they were born! Two of the kittens were so tiny that they didn't look like they could live. Grandma Arizona was staying with us at the time and she rubbed one with a wash cloth until he squalled and woke up and then Mom got an eye dropper and gave the other one a drop of Vodka because he wasn't moving at all. They blew in his face and rubbed him all over and sure enough, he opened his little mouth and mewed:) So they named those 2 Little Bit and Little Vodka. And when it got time for them to go to other homes, those two were the first ones picked!

This picture was taken when some of the brothers and sisters had gone to new homes, but you can see some were white like Charlie Brown and some were grey like Sammy. Sister Tina, was in 7th heaven, she loved cats more then almost anything in the whole world!

During the this time, of course their were other animals and one of them was a Dog sister named Minnie Mouse, that we will discuss later:) Lots of people hated Minnie Mouse but Samantha hated her most! and one day Minnie Mouse was chasing her and Samantha turned on her and scratched her in the eye! That dog never saw out of that eye again. Sort of sad, and sort of Karma. She chased Sammy all the time and one time Sammy got hung up in a hanger and pulled a muscle in her leg and she limped the rest of her life!

Anyway...Samantha lived a very long wonderful life and all of my human family have fond memories of her. She was so much a part of our lives that it seemed like she was going to live forever. And she almost did!

Samantha is buried under the big pine tree in Manchester. And when she died, Mom said she would never have another cat and she broke her word, we have Little Brother! aka Spike:)


  1. Remember when you came to visit once and thought she would die and Brownie dug the hole so Tina could bury her. She didn't die then. She lived a happy life.

  2. I remember Samantha! I think I even have pictures of her from my trip when the big boys were little.

  3. Holy cow that cat lived for a LONG time!

  4. We thought about having her stuffed and put on our TV laying looking at us like she did :)

  5. People ask me all the time what I miss most about living in an RV. I have finally decided that the only thing I really miss is having animals. Phil refuses to have a cat or a dog and I have to agree it would definitely hamper our exploring away from Penny the Pace. We would always be worried about leaving them alone. A cat wouldn't be so bad but he hates the smell and mess of a litter box. So, I enjoy critters vicariously through your (and other) blogs who speak of their pets. Love those stories!

    Hugs, Joy

  6. My sweet Samantha....heavy sigh....XXXOOO