Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chapter 30/All By MYSELF!

Today it was all about ME :) That's how I like it best. Mom and me..

Annoying was with Dear Ole Dad and Little Brother Spike was "Invisible" because Rowdy was around ~ Now I love Rowdy, cuz he's a boy and he runs and does goofy boy stuff.. But Little Bro. is not the sociable type!

I pitched in and help Dear Ole Dad get out of the driveway. These people could never handle these simple tasks without me!

And then it was just me and MOM !!! and that's the way it should be:) Mom went in and cut up Dapple an apple and off we went. I love to be in charge of mom all by myself.

That stupid Mama goose had a hissy fit when all I wanted to do was sniff her babies... geeeez..touchy touchy...

It's warm here.. really warm for April and today the water felt so good! I waded and waded and finally I just dove in and swam! It was so refreshing.

Dapple wasn't around the fence so she didn't get her apple.. But Mom and I didn't mind, we had the whole walk all to ourselves... what a nice feeling..

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