Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chapter 26e/Mandy & Garfield!


We spose we could give Mandy and Garfield each their own stories, but Mom decided to combine them since they sort of intertwined. Mandy and Garfiled were Mom's cats. Now Mandy didn't start out that way but she "adopted" Mom and Mom was the only one she would have anything to do with.

Mandy was truly the smallest Siamese we have ever seen. This picture we have of her she is FULLY grown. She had huge ears and a huge VOICE! I guess because she was so tiny and frail as a kitten, she just attached herself to Mom. She rode around on Mom's head, shoulder, clung to her back, anything but she only wanted Mom. Sometimes Mom loved it other time's it could be slightly annoying!

Now about that HUGE voice. If you've ever heard a Siamese, just think of that and multiply it by about a gazillion. One night Mandy was outside and she disappeared! The family went to bed, very upset that Mandy was missing but they couldn't find her! The next evening they heard a car stop in our driveway and the door slam and then we heard Mandy's VOICE! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Someone had stolen Mandy and after listening to her for 24 hours they returned her :)

Because Mandy was so tiny, Mom didn't think Mandy would be able to have kittens and neither did the vet, but then she began to develop a big TUMMY! She kept trying to hide in Dad's closet so Mom fixed her a box in there to have her babies in.

Then came the big day! Mandy just tried and tried but she was so tiny and mom was getting so worried. They had seen a boy Siamese hanging around the house so they assumed that was who she had "found". After about an hour of trying, Mom sat in the closet with Mandy and called the vet and he said to just let her try for a while. So Mom petted her and petted her and rubbed her tummy.

Now remember the Siamese that was seen hanging around? Well in just a few more minutes and a lot of pushing out popped a little STRIPED TAIL! A striped tail??? Oh Mandy! So obviously this non Siamese kitten was going to be born breach. Mom ran and got a wash cloth and got a hold of that little striped tail and gently pulled and out popped GARFIELD :)

Mom named him Garfield because she collected "Garfields" and always wanted one. Even though he wasn't Orange, he was a special Garfield to Mom. Garfield was little like his Mom but he made up for it in character. Mom really loved that little cat and had fun playing with him. Garfield was a little "Tom" cat and stayed outside most of the time and this was his down fall.

Mom wants to just get on her soap box here and say Anti Freeze is a very very bad thing for pets. Two of my animal siblings have died horrible deaths from that stuff. The manufactures keep saying they are fixing the taste but it still happens. People just really need to not just let it dump on the ground too.

But we won't leave this on a sad note. Mandy and Garfield were characters. Another one of Mandy's kittens was jet black with green eyes and a little friend of Mom's adopted him and had him for many many years. Mandy had this really bad habit of biting, just ask human brother Daniel about that. If a cat bites you right in the throat it can cause you to have a very high voice for quite a while!


  1. I love siamese cats. HATE THEIR VOICES! You can tell if a cat has even a touch of siamese in them by their voice. LOL

  2. I know U had so much fun with Garfield :)