Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chapter 26k/Sparky the Firedog

Sparky was Brother Daniel's very own dog that he got when he was about 9 years old. Mom and Dad Surprised Brother Daniel with Sparky and he was SO happy.
Daniel with Baby Sparky and Bonnie looking on~
He had always wanted a Dalmatian, because they are the Firehouse Dogs! And Good Ole Dad is a Fireman:) At that time the Manchester Fire Department had a Dog named Smokey and Daniel wanted one just like that.. Well he sort of got that, she wasn't as big and she was a girl !
Sparky grew up to be a BEAUTIFUL DOG! Everyone admired her and she had a sweet disposition and wasn't cross like some Dalmatians are.

When Sparky grew up, she and Smokey became good "friends" and Sparky had a litter of 8 beautiful puppies. Mom had taken them to the vet and had them checked and got their first shots and everything but something awful happened. They all got Parvo. That is a terrible disease that most puppies never survive. Mom and Dad did everything they could but one by one 7 little beautiful puppies died. It was such a sad sad week for Mom, Dad, Daniel and especially Sparky. Mom and Dad worked around the clock on the 8th puppy, he was the biggest and strongest and after 48 hours he started to come around! He grew up to be the most beautiful Smokey Jr! He had blue eyes! When it came time for him to go to his new home, one of the Fireman where Dad worked wanted him really bad so Dad gave him to him and he named that White with black spotted dog BROWNIE! after Dad :)
One of Sparky's most favorite things to do was to "sing" when Mom played the piano. In fact she could be heard up the street singing at the top of her lungs! Some times she came and put her paws up on the piano, mom thought maybe she was going to learn how to play it :)

After Sparky recovered from her first loss of her beautiful babies she had another litter! And this time NOTHING went wrong, and if anything these were even more beautiful then the first. She had 8 more this time. Daniel had them all named of course. Mom has some picture's where his little hand writing is on the back with each of their names :) Daniel really really loved these puppies and had fun running and playing with them in the yard. It really was quite a sight to see all those little speckled pups going every which way nipping at Daniels ankles! It was very hard for Daniel to have to give them to new homes, but he was a brave brother and he did ..Sparky was an inside/outside dog. When it was cold she liked to be in the house and her favorite place was curled up in front of the fireplace! Some times Daniel would curl up and go to sleep with her there, he loved her very much!Sparky was a loyal friend to Daniel and all the family and she was beautiful too! And a footnote to Sparky's story, is Mom is still on her soapbox about Anti Freeze! It's deadly poisen to animals and it must be made not to taste appealing and people need to NEVER EVER dump it out on the ground.


  1. What a beautiful dog. Thats a bunch of cute puppies there!

  2. My boyfriend at the time, his name was Wayne, had to carry that very sick dog to the vet cause Daddy was at work. As he's not a dog person, and I knew it, it just made me love him even more.
    Sparky was a beautiful dog with a sweet and lovely disposition:)