Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thankful Tues. Grandma Foreman

Grandma Foreman

On this Thankful Tues, I am thankful for my Grandma Foreman. I pick her this week because her 125th birthday is this week! My grandma's been gone a long long time but I still miss her every day.
Grandma Foreman shopping in Tacoma Wa.
Grandma was a special grandma to a lot of grandchildren, but to me she was "Grandma" so all I can write about are my memories. Grandma and my sister Lea and I in Algona, when we were little.
I remember laying in bed when I was a little girl and crying myself to sleep worrying about how I could ever live without her! I knew other kids who's grandparents had passed away but I just could not even imagine how I could live without her.
Grandma and I with Flicka
Thankfully my Grandma lived to see me finish school and business school and met my dear husband(who she hated of course :) ) and see me get married. She, my mother and my aunt hand made my wedding dress. And when I say hand made I mean HAND made. nothing is done on the machine. If I look at it now, 50 years later, I can see her tiny perfect stitches all over the beautiful lace.
Grandma and my sister Lea on my 8th Grade Graduation
She use to sew all of my clothes, even my special underwear that I liked! I remember her making 2 of my formal gowns when I was in high school. I liked being around Grandma sewing, I hated being around my mother sewing, because she was screaming at what she was sewing all the time :)
My Grandma took me to Idaho with her many times to stay at Dierkes Lake while I was growing up. We stayed there with my Aunt Nellie, who's family owned the lake and the property. I can still smell the smell of those hot dry summer days.
Grandma and the cake she won at Lacamas.. She was so proud of herself!
One funny story that I love to tell about my Grandma was when we live out at Roy/Lacamas on our 80 acres. She took the two little dogs Flicka and Bonnie with her and hiked back thru the woods to the edge of the woods where the black berries were. I might add here that I think my grandma was about 5 feet tall! Anyway she was picking away filling her little bucket and thinking of the pie she was going to make when she stood up straight and stared right into the eyes of a BLACK BEAR that was on the other side of the berry patch! Grandma picked up two little dogs, threw down the berries and ran full speed ahead back to the farm house! The picture of that in my mind still makes me smile. Later, we went back out there and that bear had eaten all her berries! that made her madder then anything!
I thought my grandma was very funny, she could always make me laugh. She could also dry my tears and she could also make me mind! As I grew up and my father died and I was left alone most of the time day and night(because my mom had to go to school and support us), it was only the fear of hurting my grandmother that kept me from getting in to a lot of trouble!
I really really wish she could have seen my first baby or even have known I was going to have one but she died the year I got married., I know she's watching from somewhere and I can visualize her sitting around with all her sisters and laughing and having a wonderful time.
I miss her every day. Happy birthday Grandma! I'm so thankful you were in my life.


  1. Happy Birthday Grandma. I have many wonderful memories also. She loved horses too. I remember the bear incident too. It kind of scared me too. We saw him (the bear) more than once remember. If she was 5', that might be stretching it.

  2. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, in her mind she was 5' 10"! I remember Daddy seening the bear out on the road early one morning and I saw the bobcat with one of our ducks up in a tree. That was a great farm!

  3. Well if she was only 5 foot tall I'm not the smallest one. YEAH!!!

  4. Wonderful post!!! I loved hearing about my great aunt and I have copied the text and the pictures into the Family Tree program for posterity! Thank you so much Sharon, it was wonderful.
    Love, Joy

  5. I love this post, & all the pictures & the bear story!! soo cool...

  6. I wish I could've known her. I remember you telling me one morning when I was little that you had a dream where she talked to you and you had forgotten what her voice sounded like until you had that dream, and you were very thankful then as wellxxxooo