Friday, April 3, 2009

Chapter 26c/Daisy the Dog

Daisy the Dog came to Mom and Dad soon after they came to Tennessee. Mom and Dad's memory is a bit fuzzy as to exactly HOW they got her, but they remember getting her! They lived in half of a little house way out in the country, with Baby Suzy. They also got White Kitty around the same time, but White Kitty didn't stay with them too long. He cried and cried for his Feline Mama so much that mom took him back to Granny and Pa Starnes! She already had one baby she didn't need another one!

On the back of this picture is written "Our 3 babies" :) That's baby Suzy at about 7 months and baby Daisy at about 6 weeks and baby White kitty at about 8 weeks. Mom and Dad Remember all 3 of them sleeping together in the playpen and somewhere she has a picture of that. Today Mom would have a fit if a cat or puppy slept with a baby! That MOM thing again!
This is Daisy all grown up when we first moved to Manchester.. She was a good dog and very smart. She had one litter of Puppies that were SO CUTE. Mom and dad had no problem finding homes for them, most of them were silver and the had little pointy ears. Daisy was very devoted to her family, to a fault in fact. She was very protective and Mom and Dad had to be very careful because they were afraid she was going to bite someone. Unfortunately that is what happened, and Daisy had to go to a new place because they lived in town and it wasn't safe. They missed her very much and loved Daisy very much. It was a hard decision to make. She was about 3 year's old. Today they would figure out how to train her not to do that! I could have taught Daisy how to be a good friend to Mom and Dad and not to bite people! Biting people is never a good thing to do!


  1. I loved Daisy....I don't think I ever remember the puppy pic of sweet

  2. A baby and potty training a puppy and a crying cat??? Makes me want to stab out my own eye.

  3. Did the new baby thing and a new puppy thing..for the BIRDS!

  4. Puppy no problem.. Crying cat BIG PROBLEM ;o(