Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for WINDOW'S.. Yes you read that right, I love my windows. I wish I could find the book that has a quote in it from Laura Ingalls Wilder about windows. She never wanted any curtains or shades on hers, and never had them. In today's world, having nothing on your windows is probably not practical, since we do have a lot of weirdo's around. So I have minimal shades and all of my curtains are either small valances or permanently pulled away from the windows. With the exception of my large French doors that lead to outside. If you don't have a heavy cover over them in the summer, it gets unbearably hot.

Out my kitchen window I can see my deck, my pool(which is somewhat ugly in the winter) the horses in the large pasture with the white fence, the pond, the pond peoples beautiful home and another beautiful home further over.

Out my French door's I can see the side of my yard and the wood's and also many wild birds. And the swing hanging from the Oak tree.

Out my front window I can see my driveway and the house across the street and all the way to Riley Creek Road. Most of the time I can see Penny out there in her semi conscious state! There are also several bird houses hanging on my porch and they all have baby birds in them right now.

In here out of my office window I can see my whole front yard and across to our neighbors that live in the barn/house and the very nice neighbors who live on the little side street. I also have three bird feeders and 2 bird houses I can see from this window. AND I can see Black Bill, the horse :) I can also see who walks on the road, I can see the school buses and the mail truck and UPS truck.

I'm also grateful that the window stops so I don't have to see the trashy neighbors that live just to the left of the window across the road and down the little side road. They have garbage and junk all over the back yard and I would not want to see that daily. I'm thinking of getting some bamboo planted down there so I don't have to see them at all when I'm on the porch and trying to take pictures. That junk is always in the background! AND they have the dogs that chase SPIKE.

So today I'm so thankful for my windows..

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  1. I think this is a nice post! I have had my window's open for the past 2 days! It's been great.