Monday, April 6, 2009

Chapter 26f/ Pepper the Wonder dog!

All families have certain "favorite" Pet children, in my opinion. For instance Dad just LOVES "Annoying" and Mom just loves "Little Brother". Not necessarily the other way around. Of course they both are crazy about me :)

Well this is about Pepper, the Wonder dog! and Pepper was loved by EVERYONE. Pepper was unique, comical, beautiful, lovable, friendly and the neighborhood dog in Manchester.

Mom had always wanted a Cocker Spaniel and Dad saw an ad for some puppies to give away and their Mother WAS a Cocker Spaniel. He swears he saw her and she was:) So Dad, knowing that Mom had always wanted a Cocker, went and picked out a little boy dog that he thought was the cutest one in the whole litter. Mom can even remember the date. It was Labor Day!

So in to our family came this little brown fluffy puppy that mom immediately loved and it was decided to name him Pepper. By the time Pepper left us, the whole town knew that name!

When Pepper first came in to our family he was just a little ball of brown fluff and every time Mom got in the bathtub, Pepper would jump in with her. Pepper was the cleanest little dog in town! Pepper kept that up and he was growing and growing. One day Mom decided to take a shower and Pepper had never had a shower before, but because he knew he took a bath with Mom every day, he just hopped in. Well Mom turned on the shower and Pepper took off, taking the shower curtain and all running down the hall and out the door! That was just the beginning of Pepper's antics.

Mom and Dad had very nice neighbors named Homer and Dorothy. These nice neighbors had a big Collie Dog named "Lucky Lady" but they called her Lucky. Pepper and Lucky were best of friends. and the nice neighbors always thought Pepper was the smartest, most beautiful most well behaved canine they had ever seen. (and let me tell you, they were not that fond of a whole lot of Mom and Dad's pet children)

Pepper with Lucky

Pepper LOVED all our animal brother's and sister's and sometimes baby sat for Samantha's kittens. He would watch them very close and would NEVER let them out of the yard!

My two human sister's were still little girls but they were growing up somewhat, and they loved playing with Pepper. He would run and chase them and bounce around and speak and sit and was soft and sweet and lovable to them.. Little Suzy and Little Tina loved him very much!

Pepper with some of Samantha's kittens and Little Tina

Now it became very obvious, very fast that Pepper was not going to look like a Cocker Spaniel. But that did not mean that he wasn't very beautiful and very loved. We just sorta don't know who his daddy was, but he must have been a long legged beautiful brown dog. Mom can still remember how soft and silky he was, and he loved being petted and loved on.

Pepper with Minnie Mouse(more about her later)

At the time that Pepper was part of our family, Dad was working up town off the square and Pepper would sometimes go up there and visit him. Remember this was way back in the days of no leash law's etc. and he was the town dog. Everyone knew him, everyone loved him. So one day when dad was working up there and Pepper had been visiting, dad heard a commotion over behind the Holiday Inn. Dad looked up and there went Pepper running full speed across the field behind the motel carrying a link sausage in his mouth and a whole big long string of them attached! Everyone in the parking lot was laughing! Pepper was truly comical, without even trying!

Pepper with Little Tina and Little Suzy, dressed in their Brownie uniforms.

Now sadly, one morning when all of our little family got up, Pepper was gone. Just gone. The whole family and neighborhood searched and searched for him and no one could find him and no one had seen him. Our very nice neighbors were so sad, they loved Pepper like he was part of their family too. At the time "Homer neighbor" was politicking in the next town over, and he claims that while he was going door to door, he saw Pepper! Now we don't know, but we want to think that some family loved him as much as we did and just wanted him really really bad.

He really was a WONDERDOG!

Do you really think someone would steal this dog :) Our beloved Pepper~


  1. Someone stole him! How awful! He was beautiful but not a cocker. lol

  2. Oh I had a pet dog and her name was Pepper! Oh how I loved her...I miss her! She was a black Lab, Border Collie mix! More Collie than Lab and she was beautiful!

  3. Well, we TELL ourselves he was stolen:) Pepper makes me laugh just looking at his pictures!

  4. Hands down the BEST dog that ever existed! That dog was shot, run over & Lord knows what else. I was convinced for the longest time that Mom & Daddy had buried her in the yard by where the pool is now and just didn't want to tell us he was dead. I now know it's the septic tank, not a dog's grave LOL, If I could do it I would've had Pepper cloned so Jimmy & Riley would know how perfect a dog really can be:)