Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chapter 26h/Menacing Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse 1969
Now we get to the now infamous "Minnie Mouse". Minnie came to us through a friend of Grandma Grace's. Papa Brown(Dad's Dad) had lots and lots ofChiuahua's and so Dad decided that was what he wanted, and so the history of little bitty Canines in our family began!

Minnie mouse was not a really little bitty Chihuahua but she was certainly a chihuahua with all the bad reputations :) But Dad loved her very very much. And she really never hurt anyone EVER, but oh boy did visitors to Mom and Dad's house get a scare every time they walked down the hall. heh heh heh..

Minnie Mouse 1974 & Baby Daniel

She just lay in wait and came visitors snarling and yapping and if they ran that was the highlight of her day! She especially loved the girl's friends because girls can run and squeal and that was what she was going for.

She was the "cross" poor old Samantha had to bear. If she saw her anywhere in the house she was after her. Sammy would try to sneak down the hall and Minnie Mouse would see her every time and Sammy would slide full length of the hall trying to escape the jaws of death! HA.

But of course Samantha did get her back, but it was sad. She scratch her in the eye and all the doctoring in the world could not save Minnie's eye. Like I said before "Karma"

Then as "Little Suzy" became the teen age Suzy a "boy" person started coming by, named Lindsey :) and Lindsey became Minnie mouse's real ARCH ENEMY! heh heh heh heh heh.. Even to this day if you say the name "Minnie Mouse" around Lindsey, he will say "God, I hated that dog"! It makes Mom and Dad smile :)

Minnie Mouse was the dog that "Baby Daniel" really grew up with. She was always gentle with him and he loved her. Minnie lived a long life for a chihuahua especially considering her health problems and Mom and Dad missed her a lot and said they would never have another dog in the house ... oh sure, we know how that went ~

Minnie Mouse's 6th Birthday with Baby Daniel


  1. Sounds like Minnie and Chassie would have been fine friends.

  2. I remember yelling for her at the top of my lungs....Here Minnie, minnie, minnie,minnie,minnie,minnie....Here Minnie, minnie, minnie,minnie,minnie,minnie!!! she would come running ... Lindsey still hates that dog :) he he

  3. haha i asked and he said "i hate that dog"
    that really made me laugh