Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chapter 26e/Mom's Lisa

Lisa in 1969

Lisa was one of the very few pet brother's and sister that have come before me that Mom and Dad actually picked out and paid for! And although she wasn't with us very long, Mom loved her very much and she still think's Poodles are the smartests dogs! hmmmmmmp..

Mom and Dad and little Suzy and Little Tina would go out to Arizona to visit Grandma(hence Grandma Arizona) and Grandpa Carl. One time when they went out there, they discovered Grandma and got herself a little orange poodle that she named Tammy! Tammy was so cute and Mom wanted one just like her. And nothing Dad could say was going to change Mom's mind. heh heh it never does :)

So Grandma and Mom went on a search in Phoenix to find another little orange ball of fluff like Tammy. Well, what happened was, the first place they visited had this little bitty white ball of fluff and Mom fell in love! Dad paid for her and Mom had her first bought and paid for Canine child!

With a great deal of debate between two little girls and Mom it was decided that the white ball of fluff would be called Lisa. Somewhere Mom has picture's when they first got her in AZ, but right now she can't locate them! In the future she will post them. She does remember that Grandma and the girls and she gave Lisa a bath and brushed her all poofy!

After visiting with Grandma..Mom, Dad, 2 little girls a white poofy dog and a Yellow Dodge Charger headed for Spokane Washington! When they got there Lisa had lots of boys and girls to play with and everyone was very excited! So after a visit with Aunty Lea and her family, they all piled in the car and headed for "the coast". When they arrived there they were going to stay with "Aunt Mable". Now let me tell you Aunt Mable was thrilled to see 2 little girls, but we are still not sure she was that thrilled about a little baby puppy who was not potty trained:) But she was a good sport about it.

After all the visiting was over the little family headed back home to Tennessee, which would be Lisa's home. Mom had so much fun with Lisa, it was like having another little girl. She could go get her hair clipped and put bows in her hair and make her all foo foo all the time.. Mom loves that kind of stuff with girls:)

Lisa wasn't in our family for a really long time, but the time she was brought Mom a lot of love. She will never forget getting to go pick her out and that she was her very own dog child!

During these year's that the little girls were growing up were very busy years, so these pet brother's and sister might not be in the exact order they came, but they were all part of the family during that time. There was just so much going and coming and working and playing that years and pet children sort of blend together!

Lisa was a wonderful little ball of fluff!


  1. Wow she had lots of miles under her belt for such an itty bitty thing.

  2. Time really does fly by doesn't it?