Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chapter 26N/Tennessee Jed~

Baby Jed

Now we are getting in to MY generation and that's the generation I like best! Jed, or Tennessee Jed as was his "official" name, was given to my now grown up human brother named Daniel. You will all remember seeing Daniel as a little bitty boy and as a growing up boy but this was when he was all grown up. In fact it was for his 25th birthday!

Brother Daniel

Daniel had seen a chocolate Lab and had wanted one for a long time. Daniel was graduating from college and was being a mighty good young man so Mom and Dad decided to go on a "chocolate lab hunt" :)

Mom looked and looked in the newspaper and she found lots of them but they needed one just the right age to give Daniel on his birthday and they found him WAY over in west Tennessee! They took off to look at him but were pretty sure he would be coming home and he did! Jed's Mom was a beautiful black Lab who was very energetic! And Jed was very excited to meet Mom and Dad. It was a long ride home but Jed made it fine.

It was a surprise to brother Daniel and he wasn't expecting it:) Mom and Dad got him to walk around the house and there was this beautiful rich brown lab. Jed had a "block" head as some labs do, this has nothing to do with his intelligence, although Mom might beg to differ ;)

Shiney Brown Jed!

Jed grew up to be a very enthusiastic energetic dog that Daniel loved very much for a very long time. Whenever Daniel moved Jed moved with him.

One of Jed's favorite things to do was to chase a Frisbee and he could chase and catch one every time it was thrown! And if you threw it 1000 times, he would want it thrown 1001! There were other dog sisters around at that time and Jed never let them even come near that Frisbee. He made sure he always won.

He also loved to swim and he swam every day of the year if he was near water. He would chase sticks, rocks, leaves, bugs, any sort of thing real or imagined if it was thrown in the water!

Jed was a comical dog and we don't think he even knew he was! Dad had a large metal drinking trough for the dogs and when Jed wanted a drink he would just climb in and lay down! He really didn't care if other's were suppose to drink out of it also!

Jed "gaurding" his ball!

Not long after Jed came along, Daniel's "Kat" also got a Chocolate Lab and her name is China or Chynna.. Mom's not sure how she spells it.. But anyway, those two silly labs lived together for a very long time.

Now that's one happy boy!


  1. He was a character. I remember you making disparagine remarks about his intelligence. LOL.