Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chapter 28/Stephanie


Stephanie or Steffy as she was mostly known, was big sister Tina's Cat child:). She got her when she was in high school from her boy friend! and of course the Boyfriend bit the dust but Steffy was around forever! We think she may have lived to be almost as old as Samantha did. We don't know because when big sister left to get married, Mom made her put Steffy in "foster care" .. No don't judge mom! She had said NO MORE IN DOOR CATS! and she hasn't. Spike is an out door tough cat but she lets him in occasionally:)

Stephanie was a comical cat! She was goofy in many way's and she just LOVED Tina more then anyone ever! When she would see Tina, she would run to her and run up her leg!
One time when Tina was in College, she was driving back to her apartment with Stephanie on her shoulder AND her window down.. oh oh! you guessed it, when Tina stopped at a traffic light OUT JUMPED STEFFY! Oh it was a very bad, horrible very sad night!

So the next day Tina had a whole bunch of fliers that she had done by hand all night long. She went to the area and she and Mom tacked them up all over the place. They didn't have much hope in finding her and felt very depressed:(

Then out of the clear blue a PHONE CALL! a very nice lady had found her, and could tell she was someones pet and she was lost. She phoned mom's house and Tina and Mom just hightailed it right up there and there was Steph! The very nice lady would not take any reward, but Mom and Sister Tina would have given her almost anything!

Stephanie and Samantha were best friends! In fact it was not uncommon for Samantha to be in the box with Sammy's kittens:)

Stephanie and Samantha
Stephanie was also a beautiful cat. She was very white and fluffy(SHED HORRIBLE) and she had beautiful blue eyes. Big sister Tina has never loved a cat more then her. She also had a very funny looking little cat named Gizmo.. and when you see his picture you will know why!
Steffie lived the remainder of her life with a very nice man who really loved her as much as Tina did. He took very good care of her and Tina was able to visit her every now and then :)Samantha, Stephanie, Mandy, Garfield and little black kitty~


  1. I have a picture of Stephanie and Samantha together. I also have a memory of Tina doing Batton Kitty with Steffy...... lol

  2. Batton Kitty just made me do a spit take LOL!

  3. Somebody should've called the authorities on me and my baton kitty antics. I loved that cat sooooooooo much, but I'm afraid I was the cliche of a teenage mother to that cat.