Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chapter 26a/ Those that came before me

Mom and I are dedicating the next few days or weeks to those who came before me! Well before me and Annoying and Little Brother :) Mom calls Dad "Dr. Doolittle" because he would bring any baby animal home, or grown as far as that goes. He wanted to capture a baby groundhog one time and Mom said NO! IT WILL BE SLEEPING WITH ME! So the groundhog idea was tabled~ But since Mom and Dad have been together many dogs and cats have come and gone. Some briefly, some for many many years. They have loved them all and they were all part of our family. Most of them are buried in the yard or on the hill in Manchester. We have sort of our own Pet cemetery. hmm I wonder what Sister Tina thinks about that.

Anyway we are going to start WAY before any of that, with Mom's very first dog Peggy and Dad's very first dog Skipper!

This is Peggy in about 1954 we think. We know it's at Lacamas Washington. Peggy was Mom's very first dog she remembers and she loved her with her whole heart. Grandma said that Peggy taught Mom how to walk. When she was just a little bitty girl, Mom would hang on to her back and Peggy would slowly walk until Mom learned to on her own. As Mom grew up Peggy became one of her best friends, they went everywhere together and Mom told her every secret. Mom always says Peggy was the smartest dog she ever had! AND PEGGY COULD SMILE! I think I would have loved her too I forgot to add. Peggy lived to be 15 years old!
This is Skipper in 1958, the last time Dad saw him. Skipper was his best buddy and he had to leave him with his brother's when he went away to the AirForce. Dad say's that when Skipper was a puppy, Dad scared a squirrel into running in front of Skipper and after that all Skipper wanted to do was hunt squirrels:) Dad said he was the best squirrel dog he ever had! When Skipper died, Dad was in Korea and he asked if he could go home because Skipper died and they would not let him :'( I think that is sad. I know I would have loved Skipper too!


  1. How pretty! great first pet memories. I totally think the Air Force should have allowed Uncle Brownie to go home.

  2. Aww this this so cool....I want more :)

  3. Love the pictures. Peggy was such a sweet dog and her smile was priceless. Missed her when she died.

  4. I love the pictures too! Sister Tina is FINE with the pet cemetary over the hill.