Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chapter 26j/Bonnie the 2nd

Bonnie the Dustmop Dog :)

This is the story of Bonnie the 2nd:) and we call her that cuz Mom named her after her Grandma's Bonnie because she loved the name and she sort of reminded her of Bonnie.
This was at the time that Mom had said NO MORE DOGS IN THE HOUSE! and she meant it! Minnie Mouse was gone and the cats were dwindling, and Mom just wanted to clean up after kids:)
Dad was working at the "Station" up town and one day he looked up and here came this ragamuffin dog with curly hair EVERYWHERE just trotting to him. Remember he is Dr. Doolittle :) All morning long, this little dustmop dog followed him around. Followed him working on cars, followed him pumping gas, followed him washing cars, followed him EVERYWHERE! And then it got to be lunch time and she hopped in his El Camino and went to lunch with him and friend Larry!
But then when they got back to work from lunch. The Dustmop just stayed in the truck. In fact she stayed there all afternoon. The Dustmop had found a new Dad! Now Dad wasn't sure what the reaction would be at home, cuz Mom was very adamant about NO MORE DOGS IN THE HOUSE. So he just sort of let the "Dustmop" follow him in thru the door:-)
Well Mom saw this ragamuffin dirty little "Dustmop" and almost screamed, but she didn't.. She looked in to those sweet little black eyes under all that hair and she fell in love. She was immediately named Bonnie and she became probably the 2nd most loved canine child that mom had.
It took Mom and Dad hours to bathe and comb and primp to even see what was under all that hair! But under that hair was one of the sweetest girls they had ever had.
When Mom took her to see the vet for the first time, Mom asked the Dr. why Bonnie never wagged her tail. And he said that at some point in her young life she had her pelvis broken and her tail couldn't wag. She was fine and healthy now, but she could never wag her tail. But you always knew when Bonnie was happy:)
Bonnie led a very happy life and went everywhere with Mom and Dad when they could take her. One time they had to leave her with sister Suzy and Lindsey and she ate their carpet...ewwwww that wasn't so good. Bonnie was a bit neurotic when she had to be away from Mom and Dad!
Bonnie had one very large litter of Puppies and the were the cutest puppies mom had ever seen. She wanted to keep all 8 of them. 4 of them looked like beagles and 4 of them looked like "Bonnie's". Mom named all of them and she particularly loved one of the little beagle girls and named her Priscilla. Priscilla was so smart, that by the time she went to her new home she could do almost anything mom asked.
Another one of the puppies was a Bonnie Look-alike and she went to a friend of Mom's and she named her Cricket. Cricket grew up to be just as sweet as her mother and got to come see mom often. And Priscilla would stop by at the station and visit dad while riding in the back of her new Dad's truck.. That man LOVED her and said she was the smartest dog he had ever owned!
One day when Mom was giving Bonnie a bath she noticed that her eyes looked funny so she took her to the Doctor and found out she was going blind. That was a sad day. But Bonnie lived several more years and managed to maneuver very well! When they would walk with her in the cemetery she would sometimes run head on in to the stones, and that wasn't real cool!
Bonnie developed a heart condition and Mom cooked her special food.. Lean hamburger and rice balls. Bonnie loved them. Because she wasn't too well, Mom and Dad took her with them one time when they went to AZ. Bonnie loved being with Mom and Dad but she was very hot with all her dustmop hair and her heart condition.
Anyway, Bonnie was the dog that just picked Dad and that was it.. And she was one of mom's most favorite favorites. She lived a long life and brought so much joy and happiness to Mom.. And after she was gone, Mom could still feel her around her feet everywhere she went. Because she could not see, she was always right on Mom's heel. It was a sweet feeling. And mom still misses Bonnie~


  1. That is the sweetest story....I love the pictures of all her puppies.....& I have never seen one little dog eat so much carpet :)

  2. That is one big litter of puppies from such a small dog. Very cute.

  3. Bonnie's sorry big Sister :) She should have been in therapy!

  4. Bonnie was therapy, she was soooooooooo cute, probably next to Pepper, my most favorite dog we had.