Monday, April 13, 2009

Chapter 28/How I spent my Easter Vacation!

I just knew something was up on Thursday night. There was lots of hustling and busseling around and Dad was in and out of the garage, adjusting Mom's car and all that stuff. Good Ole Dad :)
Fri. Morning arrives! HERE PENNY!!!!!! Hey you don't have to holler, I'm RIGHT HERE!~
Oh I see the dreaded leash and here comes Little Brother's carrier! But hey, this could be another trip to my favorite resort! Dr. Amy's Resort! I don't know why Little Bro gets himself in such a tizzy, but he sees that carrier and you can hear that deep rumbling that comes from somewhere DEEP inside of him~
This is Spike's Stubby Little Tail OBJECTING!

But he does get put in and hey get over it Little Brother you ARE going with me. The only one that goes with Mom and Dad is "Annoying" little sister and boy that is annoying!
Annoying little sister in MOM'S LAP! I could just spit!
But I know now that this is definitely Spring time and this is our Easter Vacation! So I just hop(well actually I needed a bit of help) in to Dad's white truck. I love riding in the back of Dad's truck. Some times I stick my head thru the window and lick Dad on the ear :)
Little Brother of course has to be in his carrier, INSIDE the truck, but nothing at this point is going to make that boy happy! That is the strangest noise coming from him!
When we arrive at the Resort I just can hardly wait to get in. I know my favorite girls are going to be there to greet me and all my Canine friends who are on vacation with me! Dad set's Little Brother on the counter and Miss Ashley told him to SHUT UP heh heh heh~ That really made my day. Dad tells us g'bye and we are whisked off. Little Brother goes to his "Condo". I mean REALLY Spike, get over yourself! I get my own run but I can play with my friends, and they are all arriving!

The only thing not so nice about my first day of my vacation is Dr. Amy decides to do a "Senior Wellness" check up on me! Say what?????? Who gave permission for these indignities! Shots and poking and prodding and blood tests! But I guess all and all, it's ok because it does make me the center of attention and I do like that best :)
Then night fall came and with it came something very unpleasant! Thunder! I don't like thunder. Little brother doesn't like rain but I really get scared of thunder and it went on and on and on and I could hear the wind blowing outside and I just really wanted to go home and curl up in my igloo or in front of my fireplace. But it did stop...finally....and we all settled back down in a deep sleep.
The rest of my weekend was just fabby! All my friends were there to play, my girls like me very best and make a big fuss over me. They know I really love to be there, unlike some of those that object. I've never understood them! When it's really quiet I can hear Little Bro still objecting, but it gets a little more vocal and he does quiet down at night..
Monday morning! My girls come to get me! They have given me a new kerchief for my neck and brushed me all purdy and they have deposited a murmuring Little Brother Spike in his carrier and THERE IS DAD! Good Ole Dad :)
As much as I love going to the resort, I love being home more! And Little Brother Spike is ecstatic!
He spends the entire day going in and out and in and out, just to get Mom and Dad's attention! and drinking water. Now I know he had water, but there is just noting like Dad's water :) The very first thing I do after I go and check out every room of my house, is I go across the road and down the lane to find my rowdy friends! I KNOW Mom does not like them, but I do! I don't like them to chase Little Brother, but they do play with me:) Then right in the middle of the meet and greet session I hear Mom's voice PENNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYY!!!!!! ooops.. I'm coming! I'm coming!!!!!!

But I really do love to come inside and be with my best family in the whole world:)

Even if it means that Annoying Little Sister kisses me on the LIPS! EWWWWWW DOG GERMS!!!!!


  1. For some reason this one cracked me up. Poor Spike. I'm glad you had fun Penny.