Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pacific NW Tour Days 6 thru 10

When I began doing a blog, I knew I would not have enough to say to occupy it daily, but I wanted to record special occasions, celebrations trips etc. Well this summer I learned a hard lesson. DONT put it off and think you can catch up. because you can't. When we got back from our trip to Oregon and Washington in August we were plunged into stuff. Not all pleasant. So I'm going to wrap up my PNW Tour in one blog and move ahead! Holidays are coming and I have too many "going to do's" on my list.

SO ON TO DAY 6 of my PNW Tour. Nikki and Carmen took Brownie and I to Snohomish and we waded thru the stores for a while. Found Riley some Sea monkeys! We had a lovely lunch in a lovely old house!

I could kind of feel the energy draining so we called it a day and came home to visit play with the dogs

and Dustin came over for dinner. Got to see his lovely garden and we had a nice evening.

Up and at it pretty early the next day.

We had to go over the Cascades

to get to my sisters of course but we went thru Wenactchee so I could visit the grave of my other G Grandmother.

This is also where my Mother graduated from high school. It was a beautiful day and we had a very nice drive.
Arrived at Lea's in the late afternoon and she was waiting with camera in hand :)

Was so good to see her and her house all beautifully redecorated! Bob arrived home from a neighbors with his new puppy in hand.

She has since been named Pistol and she's adorable.

Lea and Bob graciously gave up their lovely bedroom and bathroom for us and they went to their camper. That wasn't necessary but we rested very well!

On Day #7 we went and strolled through their lovely little farm and saw all the adorable animals and especially Lea's BEAUTIFUL Sage.

That is a huge horse but so beautiful and she's going to make Lea a good horse when she gets her trained.

Then it was onward and upward to see my nieces and nephews and all their lovely families. Chrissy and her family look wonderful and they have a very pretty apartment and they had a new dog.

Tommy and Christy's family are really growing up and looking great. Tom, of course has not grown up :) kidding.

We also saw Nikki's son Joel and wife Heather and their two babies! They are adorable and we loved seeing them!

After we had lunch we went to the cemetery to see where Scott and baby Coreen are buried. I've never been there.

Breaks my heart because Scott was my baby. or I thought it was :)

Next morning on day #8 my other nephew Steve came out to visit!

We had a long good visit and he looks good too and we really enjoyed getting to see him. Wish we could have seen Debbie.
Then we headed off for the big city of Waconda!!!!!!!

I say that jokingly! Its about 3 hours from Spokane and has a population of about 10. It's claim to fame is that the town sold on EBAY :)
But getting to Waconda was a beautiful ride. We went thru the Reservation and saw lots of beautiful Indian ponies,

we went on a ferry ride and then we ate in a wonderful town called Republic Washington. It looked like something that is from an old Western Movie.

On our way there and back we also saw deer and mountains and waterfalls and streams, rivers and beautiful country. It was a wonderful day.

On Day# 10 We headed home. Said our sad goodbyes to my sister dear and bro in law and took our rental car to the AP and off we went. We had a layover in Salt Lake and didn't get home to our house till late and it was a very long day. I came home not feeling well but the trip was all worth it and I'd do it again.

That will always be home to me.


  1. I didn't know you hadn't been to the cemetary. I'm so glad you were here!

  2. Frank has roots in Republic, WA...his family is from there and we used to go camping there in August...when it was too hot. It's a long drive, but very pretty! I'm glad you had a good time visiting and seeing people. I'm like that when we travel/camping. I call it travel never fails when we get back from where eve I'm down for a day or two.

    Dru and my husband would love that sign, Sherman's their middle name!