Monday, December 15, 2008


Chapter 2

It is now close to Autumn in Manchester TN and the BIG day has arrived. My new Dad arrives to pick me up at the foster parents home. Now please realize I'm just a little confused! I only remember living here with my boy and now these "human" people are all talking and talking and trying to make friends with me and frankly I'm getting a little nervous!

My new Dad drive's what he calls an "El Camino". That just happens to be a truck that is very close to the ground. After a lot of talking and talking. My new Dad, who I secretly like very much, lifts me up and puts me in the back of his truck! SAY WHAT??????? Well I just immediately change everyone's plans and jump out and run free again :) I do that best. Dad just bends down on his knee and tries to sweet talk me. hmmmmmm.. am I going to fall for this? well, actually yes I do cuz I really do like him.

Dad put's me INSIDE this "El Camino" now and it's VERY SCARY! It's loud and he has windows down and the radio full blast and the police scanner screaming at me(are they looking for me?) He slowly backs out and we head home. I am trying to tell him I'm very nervous about this whole transportation business but he just keeps driving, like HE'S in charge! HA!

OK....then it happens.. How can I explain this delicately????? Hmmmmmmmm........I'm thinking.......Well lets just say everything just fell apart and it happen to be alllllllllllll over the inside of my Dad's "El Camino":`( I think he was just a little more then slightly upset, but he was nice. I think he knew that I was really only a puppy and I was very scared. So we arrived to my new home with all 3 of us needing a bath.. Me, my Dad and the "El Camino"

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