Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HOME AGAIN/Chapter 9

Chapter 9

(Mom’s had a case of writer’s block or exhaustion, she blames it on both, so I’m WAY behind with the important things in life namely ME..) ME ME ME!

This Resort stuff is beginning to run a little thin now! I remember all “my girls” that run this place saying something about a one and a one.. Hmmmmmm I remember now! One week and pick up at 1 ‘clock.. Hello DAD it’s one week. Tap Tap Tap with my tail :)

Oh my but this has been a wonderful week! Nobody had a better Christmas then me and “Little Brother”! (Well, Spike might have another opinion) I just love life and everything and everyone involved with my wonderful self!

First of all in case anyone was worried, Spike was put in his “Condo” puleeeeeeze! And by about the 2nd day he did stop the strange growling sound. I watched out for him and made sure he was safe and sound before I got my “run” as they refer to my personal spaceJ But it isn’t all personal, I have MANY friends there both Canine and Human. Some of the canines have been with me before and we were so happy to be Celebrating Jesus’ birthday in our own special way.

We had some rainy days so every day we didn’t get to go out in our “run’s” but some days were sunny and bright and we ran and bounced and talked back and forth and all showed off our new collars! That seems to be the “in” thing this year. And do you realize that some of these friends are offended at being at the resort????? I cannot imagine. They probably have “annoying’s” lifestyle.

Spike is in the Feline quarters so I couldn’t actually see him often, but occasionally I heard him! He just doesn’t seem to understand the wonderfulness of this whole experience! He did have friends near him but mostly he just scowled at them.. He is a superior being you know, with his bobtail and all :)

OOOOOOOO but then Dr. Amy came back to work after Christmas… She decided I needed my “senior” wellness check! Say what???????? Well actually I love Dr. Amy so any opportunity to lick her all over her face and be my beautiful self in front of her is terrific. I am 9 years and 9 months and 27 days old! How exciting is that??? To know all that exactly and I weigh 74 perfect pounds. I think “Svelte” is the word. She has to do some rather embarrassing things, but we are girls, so it’s ok J and she gave me some medicine for a little…….uhhhhhh problem I was having.. Let me see how to address this. … Well sometimes when I get really excited I get sort of tense inside and stuff doesn’t work just right! But Dr. Amy fixed me!

It’s Monday and I know it must be nearly 1 because “my girls” have had lunch. I hear voices! I HEAR MOM’S VOICE! I HEAR DAD’S VOICE! Oh please Lord, do NOT let “Annoying” be with them. Lot’s of talking and talking and talking! Come on people! One of my girls comes with my leash and has Little Brother in his carrier (making strange sounds again) and out the door and it’s DAD!!!!!!!!!! And Mom heads straight for little brother.. Good grief.

Out the door, into the sunlight, in to Dad’s beautiful white truck! Spike is left sitting on the ground cuz Dad locked the doors with “Annoying” inside! Do you have any idea how hard I’m laughing? One on the ground in a zip lock bag and one locked in the truck!

OK..Every single one’s loaded up, we’re headed home.. The wind in my face! If I were happier, I could not stand myself! Home, into my yard, into my garage and Mom and Dad even let me into the HOUSE, just cuz they love me best J I have had a Wonderful Wonderful Christmas at the resort with Dr. Amy and all her awesome girls, but there is NO place like home!
P.S. From Mom...yes I know there are 3 like pictures of Penny. I'm too tired to figure out how to delete the last two.. I wanted to put them at various places in the story but can't figure out how to do that and now I can't figure out how to delete them! Tomorrow I'll be more alert, I promise Pen Pen... I won't let you down!


  1. Welcome home Penny and Spike!!

  2. Penny,
    Welcome home. Good to have you and your family back home safe and sound!
    Tell Mom to go to post options and change the time on her pictures to fit in where she wants them then republish.

    I think (but I'm not positive on this) that if you want the pictures in between paragraphs each will have to be its own post.

    Love, Joy