Monday, December 22, 2008

"Excitement in the Air" Chapter 9


Oh man I can hardly contain myself.. Things have been going on for days and I can just feel it building up to something big!

One day this week before it turned miserably cold, my Dad was out washing the cars and driving the car off to do something and driving the truck off to do something.. And he was just scurrying around from dawn to dusk. I love those days ! It means that I’m a part of EVERYTHING! I follow him in the garage and out in the driveway and just EVERYWHERE. On the day that he was washing cars “Rowdy Boy” and “Precious Boy” came to see me. These are two of my favorite people and belong to Tina, my human sister . Rowdy boy loves to run with me, Precious Boy is never quite sure what I’m going to do, but I think he’s really just worrying about Annoying Little Sister and he thinks I have her bad manners! I do not, thank you very much!

Another day this week, our Uncle Bill and Aunt Hazel came by for a quick visit with my Mom. I met them at the car and ushered them right in. And I do mean IN.. Mom didn’t notice that I led the ALL the way in right away so it gave me a few minutes to listen to the conversation.. I love doing that!

But today of all days has been THE most exciting. First thing this morning, Dad let me in because it was very very cold and Spike and me needed to thaw out! Then after the Queen got up (that would be mom) the excitement really kicked in! First I had to get sprayed with disgusting sweet smelling stuff and my Dad brushed me good.. Then….THEN… are you ready????? I got the most beautiful new red color with rhinestones all over it! Mom said it was my Christmas present! Thanks Mom. Dad put it on me and then Mom put a silver ribbon around Little Brother Spikes neck to make him look festive.

While all of this is going on Mom is packing her suitcase.. Now I know this means I’m going to go to my RESORT! I love it there. Everyone loves me, everyone brags on me.. I sleep in a warm cozy bed and I play with all sorts of other Canine friends.. Some of them are not as happy to be there as I am; I don’t understand that, what could be better?????? But just so Mom didn’t make some terrible mistake, Annoying Little Sister, planted herself in Mom’s suitcase! Like you think they would actually not take her with them??????? Annoying, annoying annoying~~

But oh Dad gets that Annoying little yappy sister good. He gives her a bath. And I mean a REAL big bath with flea soap and everything.. I JUST LOVE THIS PART. Then he takes her to blow her dry and brush her teeth. That girl could get on my very last nerve.. And sometimes she does get on Mom’s! I like that part too :)

Anyway, after the 3 of us are primped and combed and fumigated, Dad starts loading us up. Spike has to ride in a carrier because he is a “Feline” and they tend to get a little freaky.. And Spike is a little freaky on a good day! Mom put a little Santa stuffed with catnip in his carrier.. She looks sad when he has to go. Spike is not as thrilled with the “resort” idea as I am and has this strange growling sound that seems to come from somewhere deep inside him the whole time he’s being transported!

I, of course jump right in the back of Dad’s truck... I’m so happy! I know where were going, I know I know! And all my girls will be there waiting on me and they love me best! The only thing that spoils this little adventure is “Annoying” gets to come along.. Not to stay mind you but she’s getting a pedicure! I could just gag!

We ARRIVE!!!! Dad takes me with my leash (like I need THAT!) and carries “Annoying” and when we go into the resort my girls are waiting!!!!!!!! They check me in and the first thing they want to know is, does dad want me to have a bath???? SAY WHAT???????? Why would they ask that why why why???????

In the mean time, Annoying is passed off to get her pedi and Dad goes to get Little Brother Spike. Now let me tell you at this point Spike is pissed. Excuse my language but he is pissed! He is deposited on a chair in the waiting room to wait his turn and Dad gets Annoying and waves good-bye!! Good Bye Dad! Good Bye Annoying!!!! You don’t know how much fun I have!

So here I am in my luxurious quarters all snug as a bug in a rug, I can still hear Spike protesting, but he will get use to it. And we are going to have a WONDEFUL Christmas week.. I’m so happy! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas Penny and Spike! TS is LOCKED in a suitcase, that should make you happy!