Friday, January 2, 2009

Spike's Big Adventure/Chapter 12

Spike’s Big Adventure/Chapter 12

OK.. Today it’s not about me…..BUT of course I had a great deal to do with the entire proceedings! Naturally.

Last night when me and Lil Bro Spike are suppose to go into our beds in the garage, Dad could not find Spike! He had asked to be excused about 7 pm. Dad walked all the way around the house calling SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE!!!!!!!! (He does NOT come to kitty kitty kitty) Mom went out in the garage.. Calling SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE…I’m looking everywhere around the house.. NO Spike.. Oh my I’m sad. I’m so sad. And Dad is so worried and Mom can’t even sleep she’s so worried. But we all went to bed, hoping that Lil Bro had just found a warm spot to get in because it was quite cold.

This morning, Mom’s up early because she’s worried. Dad had to go to work. I can hear mom turning on all the heat and oh BOY do I want in that house! The door opens and no Spike..Mom looks so sad, so I decide not to mow her over to get in the house. Instead.. “Annoying” and I go with her out the garage calling SPIKE SPIKE.. WOOF WOOF!!!! YAP YAP!!…

When we get down to the barn we can hear this sound. It’s a very scared Lil Brother Spike sound. We look in the dog pen (PULEEZE) and we look in the barn.. No Spike. Oh but guess who gets locked in the barn? The little Yapper of course, just one more thing for Mom to have to worry over!

We are very very quiet and walk slowly to hear his weak little cries..Mom thinks he’s in the ceiling of the garage and she looks up!!!! AH HAH.. THERE HE IS! Not in the garage, but about 40 feet up a tree! Oh poor poor Spikey, he is so scared and he’s so cold. Annoying and me are trying to help her think of a way to get him down. What to do what to do???

Mom goes to the house and gets his food jar and shakes it and shakes it under the tree. Lil brother tries to move, but he is so scared! And his little legs are all stiff. For almost 2 hours we try, we try SO hard to get him to just let loose, Mom would have caught him! But he just couldn’t, he was too cold and too scared.

Finally Mom gave up and went to make some calls, Me and Annoying are right on her heels, not sure this was all that helpful because when we got to the house, Annoying was locked up and I was put on a leash.. What was THAT all about!

Finally DAD IS TO THE RESCUE! After some urgent telephoning (he is the county’s fireman hero after all!) he phoned the Firemen and they said “WERE ON OUR WAY!” Oh boy oh boy this is going to get good. I can barely contain myself; mom on the other hand, doesn’t look so good!

Were back out to wait for the RESCUE TEAM!!!!!!! HEY they are in the sky!!! This really low flying plane buzzes right over us and I just KNOW they are looking for Spikey! I Barked and Barked and ran in circles around moms ankles, Ooops..Probably not a good idea… Well Rats, they flew off!

Mom decides to go wait by the phone because it seems like hours.. It hasn’t been but it seems like it. DING DONG!!!!! The front bell rings.. We run at full speed over the hill down to the tree to show the rescuers where Lil Brother has got himself in such a pickle!

Slowly…OOOOOOOOOOO so slowly they come down Angel Crest Drive right by Spike’s tree prison! They have 2 big shot firemen who are all dressed up SO IMPRESSEVLY and then here comes a handsome young man in a pick up truck! We just know were gonna like him. We like pick- up trucks best. AND there is a big white Ambulance! We do NOT like the looks of this not at all.. Not even a little, and mom is getting very upset and scared for Spike. I am right by her side, leaning against her talking to her all the time, and I think that is helping.

The big shots get this very big long ladder and put it up to Spikes tree, and handsome young man ascends to the top but it’s not high enough!!!!!!! And the branches are all dry and dangerous and Mom tells them please do not do something to get hurt. Please please. So I think they listen to her (and me of course) and “handsome” comes back down and they add another level to the ladder. This time “Big Shots” tell “Handsome” to go get his brand new helmet and gloves and go up. Mom warns him that Spike might be VERY mad. And when Spike gets mad, Spike can use his very big teeth! And very long claws! “Handsome” slowly goes back up while “Big Shots” tell him exactly what to do and where to step and how many steps. All the way to the top he goes!

Mom’s holding her breath, I’m holding my breath…Spike just goes all soft and mushy and lets “handsome” pick him up and hold him close. He snuggled on “handsome”(HEY….) and down the ladder they came, counting each step as they came until he touched down and handing Lil Bro to Mom. He actually leaped into mom’s arms and hid his face. Not sure if he was glad to be down or embarrassed!

Mom hugged “Handsome” and all of Spikes Rescuers were smiling big! And THEN they noticed me and all came and patted my head. Well thank you very much, how could you have done this without me!

So off to the house we all went and off went the rescuers Ambulance and all! Poor Lil Brother, after 12 to 15 hours in that big old tree, just wanted FOOD!!!!!! And water and to go potty!

Now Lil Bro, do not.. I repeat DO NOT go chasing squirrels up trees again unless you can jump down; this was exhausting for mom and me! Annoying even got a stomachache over it! And BTW our favorite “Kat” was on her way to help, but the hero’s had a bigger ladder. We love this “Kat” cuz she loves us!

Note from Mom: Thank you to the Hickerson Station FD. No one was home in our neighborhood, and I could not find any help and I just could not stand the thought of Spike being starved in to coming down after being up there all night. They were very nice people and certainly didn’t have to do it; they just did because they are good neighbors. Thank you!

Sweet Spikey...what would Mama do with you you.. You can just sleep and eat and drink and go potty all you want from now on!


  1. Oh Spikey stay on the ground! Thank you Hickerson Station FD! Angel hero's!

  2. What a way to start the New Year Spikey. No More tree climbing. You scared your mama. Good Penny for supervising the entire resue operation.