Monday, January 12, 2009

Now that's better/Chapter 15

Now that’s better!/Chapter15

Did you know that us “dogs” can understand everything that anyone says? We can! But not all humans can understand everything that we say. Some can understand better then others, my Mom understands EVERYTHING I say :)

For instance, Dad bought me my beautiful new Igloo house for the garage and put carpet in and everything. I even share the little heater with Little brother. BUT I was cold! This is winter in TN and this isn’t Florida Dad! For years and years I’ve slept on my most favorite big fluffy blue comforter. I LOVE that comforter, it was just made for me! However, because I have reached “Senior” status, Dad got me the house and all. We really thought it was perfect but I was cold.

I tried telling Dad, but he just doesn’t always listen to me. Mom listens to me. So last week when it was cold and raining and miserable Mom and I had a conversation. I had found a fairly dry place under the deck and decided that was a better option, but Mom told me no, not a good idea :( Why do Mom’s always know best?

Since Dad was not listening to me and Mom was, she passed on my information to good ole Dad. He had been “airing out” my comforter. Oh sure, he planned on putting it on his bed, I just bet. But since Dad does listen to Mom, he got my wonderful, blessed, perfectly delightful, best comforter in the whole world, off the deck where it was getting “aired” and put it in my Igloo!!!!

So now I’m happy, in fact I’m so happy that I don’t get up till I absolutely have to in the morning! I’m smiling from all the way inside of me.. Thanks Mom ~

P. S. To all those who have given Mom advice on Spikey. She talked to Dr. Amy, and she says that 2 days maximum in a tree for a cat to survive. Then they usually will fall out or be too weak to hang on and just let loose. About half of those she’s treated survive. Mom and Dad have decided to keep nails clipped and poke him out with the broom : )

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