Friday, January 16, 2009

End of the week/Chapter 16

The End of a Busy Week/Chapter 16

Oh me oh my this has been quite a week! First of all Little Bitty visited 2 times! And anytime Little Bitty arrives, this whole household becomes busy.

Dad and Bitty were out in the driveway playing fire truck and of course myself and Annoying Little Sister (on her leash), and Lil Bro Spike have to join in. It was sort of drizzly raining but Bitty doesn’t care, he’s a boy and he just wants to play! That’s my kind of little human :)

Then all of a sudden Very nice Mail Lady goes up Emmett Stone Lane. REMEMBER that is MY road and Very Nice Mail Lady loves me very much! Now just before she started her deliveries up my road, Dad felt sorry for Annoying and let her off the leash. Well you can just guess. Zip she goes out to the mail truck with Dad lickety split on her heels! Yappity yap yap yap. Around and around the mail truck they go. I am in charge of Little Bitty and Spike; they stood behind me and just stared in awe! Well Dad finally gets the little Yapper and in the house she is put. Do you know how happy that makes me??????

I just want to dance with joy! I have Little Bitty Boy all to myself with Dad and Annoying is put in her place. AS IT SHOULD BE!

When Very Nice Mail Lady comes back down my Lane to deposit our mail, she sticks out her hand and pats me on the head. She does that because she knows that I protect her from all creatures that might make her deliveries difficult! She loves me, I love her!

Oh and Wonders of wonders Little Bitty comes back on another day this week. This time he is will our human “Kat” who loves all animals great or small:)

Now there is something wonderful that happens when Little Bitty comes.. There is always candy near! And if I can manage to sneak in the house I stay as close as possible to him because I just KNOW I will be rewarded. And ah hah I am I am!!!!!! Sweet stuff everywhere. I just love that boy; he always brings excitement and CANDY when he’s around.

Now the DOWN side of this week. We have two very RUDE “so called” DOGS in our neighborhood. One is brown and one is black. And every once in a while they decide to come and snoop around my quarters! Some times I’m asleep and don’t even notice but other times I chase them away! Annoying Little Sister really hates them, and everyone is afraid that one of them might just have her for a snack..I have tried to tell them that they would just spit her out so not to worry!

But yesterday, first the brown one then the black one came in to my garage! They get into MY food and touch my stuff, but the worst thing they do is they scare Lil Brother Spike. Mom opened the door to holler at them and Lil Bro was on top of her car with every hair on his body standing straight out! Actually Mom and I did chuckle just a bit after he went scampering in the houseJ

But then in the evening, they came back and chased him! They chased him all around the yard and the only place Lil Bro knows to go where they can’t get him is………………… you guessed it, back up the tree. I ran off the dogs and I begged Lil Brother to come down but it was dark and very cold and Lil Brother was in for a long winter’s night!

Mom went to bed very sad because she could not get out there and get him and I could not help her and even Annoying Little Sister was trying but we could not do anything but wait and hope.

Poor Spikey was up there all night and it was very very cold. When Dad opened his truck door this morning he could hear Lil Bro about an acre away! Poor Dad, Poor Lil Brother.. Dad got the ladder and was able to reach him this time. He brought him in and all day he has been soaking up the heat and sleeping. This little stubby tailed feline really does have 9 lives or at least 4! Now the ladder is permanently leaning against the tree and Mom is threatening mass murder on neighborhood dogs!

I do my best, I really do.. But I have old bones and sometimes it’s just hard to run! Tonight it is going to be 3 degree’s so Little Brother is pretending that
he is part of Mom’s furniture and I’m pretending that I’m invisible on the carpet!
Moms going to have to take a break from my story. When she feels better, or if something spectacular happens we will be back. Woof woof to you all!


  1. Ah Hah! Maybe that is why Spike has been going up the tree all along! Those neighbor dogs should be reported to the city/county powers that be. Agressive dogs cannot be allowed to run loose ... especially in "packs" and I think two dogs equal a pack! I agree with your mom! Mass murder could be the answer.

  2. Yes Joy, I want dogs to leave our Spikey alone but we don't live in the city limits and there is no leash law in the county. Dog's have to be "in control" whatever that means. And Penny is not on a leash, tied or in a kennel so some one could take it out on her if we turned them in. She likes to check out the neighborhood and EVERYONE loves Penny, she truly is Emmett Stone Lane's dog. So were sort of caught between a rock and a hard place. With poor Spikey getting that bad end of this deal.We are just keeping him in more and more and when it turns dark we don't let him back out. LOL I CANNOT believe I'm having this conversation with you... I'm NOT a cat person at all!!!!!!!!!! but I love SPike with my whole heart :'(