Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chapter 17/Bitty & BILL!

Chapter 17 Bitty & Bill
What a wonderful day :) Little Bitty came home to my house after he went to school. Mom said we are under an ice storm watch and that's why it was 70 degree's today~ I just love when Little Bitty comes. He's SO busy but he doesn't bug me, in fact he just likes to have me hanging with him! I think maybe it's because he has two other "Canine" siblings who LOOK JUST LIKE ME! well not as beautiful. a.....hem..... but they are both brown! ANYWAY........ Little Bitty Arrived and because it was such a warm beautiful day Mom wanted to walk down to "my" pond. It was so wonderful because just last week it was FROZEN SOLID. I didn't like that, not one little bit. no I didn't. I didn't even leave my igloo the entire week

Something very exciting happened this week. I HAVE A NEW HORSE! The Hurricane horses are gone and one morning I woke up and here was this beautiful red horse! His name is Bill, because Little Bitty calls all horses Bill except for Cricket. He wasn't really very happy in his new pen and I probably didn't help because he speaks EQUINE and I speak CANINE! and he didn't like how loud I like to talk when I get excited..

So off we went today after lunch, Mom, Dad, Little Bitty and little Sister "Annoying". What a beautiful day!

Remember Little Bitty calls all horses "Bill" and as much as he likes talking about them and seeing them from a distance. That boy DOES NOT LIKE HORSES! So Bitty took Mom's hand to protect him and Dad held the little "yapper" aka Annoying because she thought she was going to tangle with a very large horse. She actually bit at his nose! The girl can be so embarrassing!Then Mom remember's she has candy and feed's "Bill". Now this is exciting. Annoying is getting herself in a Tizzy over it and Little Bitty isn't much better!

WOW it's just so beautiful out here I wonder how far I can run before they notice I'm missing :) oooooops.. they spotted me.. I'm COMIMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoooooooo Hoooooooo Over her~~~~~~~~~~~~~What if they lose me???????) nah..not MY mom, She is just like a mother hen.I had to show Little Bitty How to go over the little bridge.. but of course once he did it, he would not stay off!

Now let me tell you about Annoying.. If you have seen pictures of her you know what she looks like! She is a "Terrorist" errrrrrr "Terrior"..And that certain breed loves to dig and burrow and sniff things out. Even when there is NOTHING there. (But don't tell her) Mom thought a hybernating squirrel was going to come out. I really hoping they wood.. What an amazing story that would be

OH AND LOOK WHO ARRIVES! Little Brother Spike:) I love Spike, he's a good boy and my bed buddy. We share the same heater. He must have been in one of his deep sleeps because we've been down here half an hour! He's so happy, his stubby little tail is wiggling~

OH NO.. Here comes that Big Black Dog!!!!!!! Well, Annoying and I take care of him "pronto". Under the fence...across the yard.....RIGHT ON HIS HEELS! He's going going gone! "Annoying" is so happy, she THINKS that she made BBD leave. hmmmmBack to the House we go! Good Bye Unfrozen Pond..Goodbye Bill...

Hurry up Spring..Little Bitty and I have lots to do outside and we need warm weather

Now this was a good day :)

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  1. Bitty is soooooo cute. Why didn't you go swimming Penny? And Penny, tell those people to take the halter off Bill in the pasture please. :-)