Thursday, January 8, 2009

OH SPIKE!/Chapter 14

OH SPIKE!/Chapter 14

Oh man….stretching out of my warm house in my not so warm garage into the cold HURRICANE outside! I’m just not a winter Dog, I’m just NOT. In the summer I go swimming in our neighbors lake and take a daily wade in Mom’s fishpond when it’s hot. In the winter I can’t do any of that fun stuff.

But I am on duty! Out to the front yard. Yawn, stretch………. HI SCHOOL BUS!!!!!!!! Hi boys and girls! See ya later…across the road I go. I always start with the barn house and circle it; just making sure everything is secure.. Then to the empty trailer, then up to the “Very nice neighbors”. They always like me best and appreciate me best! Sniff Sniff…. Everything seems to be in order. I’ll just lay over here in the sun till Dad gets up :)

AHHHHHH there he is.. I’m bounding across the yard, I always get a treat, oh rats there is “annoying” and “little brother” but they have been “contained” heh heh heh… They get their treats too and off we go to the paper box. We LOVE our paper box!

Mom and Dad leave in their truck and of course they take “Annoying” oh man that makes me irritated! Lil Bro Spike and I have to fend for ourselves! Life is NOT FAIR.

I have found a fairly warm spot and am drifting off in to a deep deep sleep. Mom sometimes says I go in to a coma.. I DO NOT. I just like to go to another place in my dreams~ Mail lady arrives! Mail lady LOVES me and I love Mail lady. I escort her all the way down Emmett Stone Lane. I know she appreciates me .

Back to my coma, errrrrrrr sleep……….. OOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO something is waking me! I hear something..Oh man, it’s Lil brother! He’s in trouble again.. Oh Spike oh Spike! Not on my watch!

I bound over to the offending tree and look up! OH SPIKE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??????? 40 feet up in the tree again! What can I do, what CAN I do? I keep running between the house and the tree but no Mom and Dad…Hours and hours and hours go by. Hang on Spikey hang on! Why do you do this? Is there something chasing you, are you chasing something?

FINALLY, after dark, I see the lights of Dad’s truck stopping at the mailbox. I ran as fast as I can to him. I’m bouncing and running and twirling and twirling and trying to tell him in my Canine language that SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY wrong.

Mom and Dad get out and say “WHAT IS WRONG PENNY??” What is wrong? What is wrong??????? That bratty little Brother of mine has got himself in a terrible predicament again!

Dad sets off around the house with a big flashlight and “annoying” yapping along beside him. He calls SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE (remember he does NOT come to Kitty Kitty Kitty).. I’m running to “offending tree” and back to Dad and I’m getting desperate. WHY doesn’t Dad, understand.. ahhhhhhhhhh he does.. he heads straight for “the tree” shines up his light 40 FEET UP! And there is BRAT CAT! Oh Spikey, why do you upset us so much and it’s so cold and the wind is blowing and Dad’s mood is not improving!

Out comes the ladder from the barn (“Annoying” gets shut in again heh heh heh) and Dad puts it up and begs that CAT to PULEEEEEZE come to him.. It isn’t working. He gets a long pole and starts poking! Poke poke poke! Wheeeeeeeeeee Lil Brother let’s loose and sort of resembles a flying squirrel to me! PLOP on the ground on all fours, with no injuries except his PRIDE. Dad cuddles him, I wanted to lecture him! Poor Dad, he’s VERY cold and he’s very hungry and Little Brother has caused ALL this trouble.

First thing dad does when he get’s him in the house is wraps him in a towel and clips his nails! Spike REALLY protests.. I mean, you should have heard it! And I thought the “dry bath” dad gave me the other day was bad :)

Dad also lectures Mom. If that Bratty Cat gets up that tree again LEAVE HIM! Oh sure like that would happen!


  1. You know what they say ... the cats will come down when they are hungry or thirsty enough. You know why "they" know? 'Cause you don't see any cat skeletons in trees ...

    However, if it was my cat, I couldn't stand to leave it up there either!!
    Love Ya, Joy

  2. U just can't imagine how much I enjoyed this particular installment. That is a SPOILED ROTTEN it should be. Thanks for making me laughed til I cried:)