Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas is OVER!/Chapter 13

Christmas is OVER/Chapter 13
OK Dad.. Come on.. COME ON!! When it's over it's OVER and it's OVER! Time to take down all the Fa La La La La! Why is it always more fun to put it up then it is to take down? I don't know, but if we don't get moving on this thing it could rain or snow or something and I'm NOT getting my paw's in that!

First comes the lights, and then Mom's favorites, THE REINDEER!!!!!! Spike thinks he's going to help but he gets distracted VERY easily. He was tip toeing around the fishpond "helping" mom with the poinsetta's and then spotted a bird! That CAT!

If I hold the lights just right, Dad can pull up the reindeer easily. The lights on the house are just a tad out of my reach!
OOOOOOOO nooooooo there goes "Annoying" dashing to the road, she think's she's going to chase a TRUCK. Well, Dad, clipped her fuzzy little wings and in the house she goes! Heh Heh Heh~~ So sad too bad...
OK..It's all taken down and time for a rest! That's my favorite part of the entire day now!

After lunch and rest though Mom and I take a walk. I love Mom but WHY does she think I need a leash??? Hello Big Black Dog...Hello...fuzzy little spotted dog.. Hello, curly Little Wiggly Dog. I'm embarrassed, mom has a tight grip on me and I can't properly greet each and every one of you!
OK back home and time to go back in to the garage, watch dad pull down the stairs and we form an assembly line, back up it goes! Put away for another year!
Mom finds it mildly disturbing that Dad has a bear tied by his neck hanging on the steps!
Oh and since Spike's great adventure, he is Mom's BFF! The other night it took Dad 30 minutes to find him and then "Annoying" and I had to help(while Mom laughed) get him out from under the bed to go to his OWN bed outside for the night. That bratty cat has blankets and a heater and anything his little black heart desires. Some times, I wonder what it takes to get attention!


  1. I've tried to think of something funny to say all day but all that comes to my mind is how funny the bar hanging from the stair string is! Sicko's!

  2. Penny you are a beautiful girl! Keep on loving your mom and dad, writing, and defending your ground. You're the best!

  3. I can't believe Spike did that again! Tell him to get back on his pirate ship :-)