Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day With my Peeps!

Oh Boy Oh Boy, I knew this was going to be an exciting day. I just KNEW it. I knew this cuz Mom was up bright and early all showered and dressed and that never happens :)

Why is it that Lil Bro has all the privileges????? But I know a big day is coming!

And then just GUESS who arrived!!!!!! My 3 Favorite Boys in the whole wide word! Rowdy, Precious and Little Bitty all dressed in their Bible School shirts:) Aren't we handsome?

First thing they did is they all went swimming.. WHICH I might interject, I think is wrong.. WRONG WRONG WRONG.. you don't let babies in that big scary pool. I do not like it I do not like it one little bitty bit!

Mom thinks I'm funny cuz I guard them but it's my job!

Good Ole Dad cooked us hamburgers and hot dogs! and then all my Peeps..Sister Tina and her little boys, brother Daniel and his Kat and of course Little Bitty all ate!

Little Bitty knows how to BURP.. I mean BURP with a capital RRRRRRRRUP.. Precious thinks it's so funny that he just nearly turns inside out~ Mom's sorry if you can't get the video, but it's SO worth it if you can :)

Mom almost let him fall thru the cracks he was laughing so hard!

911 911~~~~~~~~~ MOM JUMPED UP AND HOLLERED and we were right on it. You just won't believe what happened, right in the middle of LUNCH !

uhhhhhhh hey humans! we need HELP~

I think Bill could ESCAPE.. Come on Brother Daniel, Come on Dad.. oh never mind, Bitty and Rowdy are right on it :)

Hmmmmmm Me Penny the Wonderdog and a Chain saw.. Just thinkin~

No I forgot Little Bitty is really in charge ~

So they all come back and Dear Ole Dad, Rowdy and Bitty all take a swim....oh and Annoying too, I think Mom has avoided all "Cute" pictures of her and her new float.(I could just spit)

Hmmmmmmmmm Dad's not around................ no one is paying any attention:) uhhhhh why are these hamburgers and hot dogs just laying there???????????

Now does life get better then this??????

But just when I turn my back, they have let that BABY go swimming and he's in that great big pool all alone. Mom did not like it one bit, no she did not!

The end of a very very good day.

I love my little boys..I wish they could live with me~


  1. This post had me ROLLING! Those 3 boys are hysterical! Penny you should have picked up the chainsaw and went to work.
    Way to get a free lunch Penny.

  2. t'was a very good day:)

  3. Whew what a day Penny! I was exhausted just reading about it, I hope you slept well!