Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet Southern Summers

Mom again~ Penny is not very active in the heat of the summer as none of us are but boy do we love it:)

I was trying to think of what I was most thankful for this week and while sitting outside late last night I thought ahhhhhhhhhhh this is about as close to heaven as I can get tonight. I just love it in Tennessee in the summer as the sunsets and the moon rises.

I love the warm humid air, I love the sweet smell of honeysuckles, I love the sound of tree frogs and the Cicadas! I thought last summer we were suppose to get the cicada's and was disappointed that my little nephew didn't get to see them but they have arrived! They are so loud it's almost piercing but I love it.

If we sit on the deck in back we can see the moon and stars like they are right there to pick and a full moon lights up all the way over past the horse pasture. It's just breathtaking.

We spend a lot of time sitting mostly on the front porch because it's cooler and we can keep up with our neighbors. I have a swing with a long pillow and two small pillows and a shrub that's growing up from the flowers, so I'm really unseen by the ordinary traffic. I lay there and my saint and I talk and listen and laugh.

And yes I love the storms.. Please don't hate me! I don't like the wind, not any season of the year(with the exception of a very hot summer afternoon) But I love the thunder and lightening and the "gully washing rain". It is exciting to me and afterwards it's all so sweet and fresh. A year or so ago lightening struck the tree next to our garage and wiped out our TV and my router. That was a bit of a bummer but we did get a nice big flat screen tv out of it:) thank goodness for Home Owners insurance. and I am aware that lightening is dangerous but I dare say not any more dangerous then when I drive across the county and back!

I do have one funny story about the storm the other night. We have a frog that sings to us every night when we sit out there and after the storm he sounded like a teenage boy whose voice had changed! I think he must have got a jolt or something from the lightening :) I'm going to attach a little video of the storm the other night. It doesn't do it justice but we thought it was fun, UNTIL we didn't have power for most of the night and most of the next day!

So any way I love and am thankful for our Sweet Southern Nights...


  1. I love summer storms! That was IMPRESSIVE!

  2. I LOVE the smell of rain on a hot not! Refreshed smell.

  3. It was quite a "boom boom" as Jimmy would say:)