Thursday, July 9, 2009

Unsettling Week

This week I watched two funerals on TV. Both had thousands of people in attendance both were well known. The celebrity I'm sure outweighing the Football player. Both were black men, both had little children.. 7 little children all together. Both loved their kids but both were also very human and made human mistakes.
I'll admit that I've had a difficult time all week feeling a lot of sympathy for Steve McNair. Probably because I had 2 young girls I sent off to college and I have a young granddaughter that will be leaving home and going in another couple of years. I can so see how very young girls get stars in their eyes and can get in way over their heads. And I think that's what happened to a very young "Kid" named Sahel Kazemi. I pray for her family.
But after all the Titans and dignitaries from Nashville finished.. Steve's preacher from Mt Zion Baptist Church in Nashville preached his sermon. He said a lot of things but what got my attention and what brought tears to my eyes was his story of Lazarus and the story of the Prostitute from the Bible. He ended that portion of his sermon with these words "What this world needs is a "Stone Dropping Ceremony" in all churches. In other words He who is without sin, cast the first stone. I loved the analogy.
And although I will admit I can live a lifetime without Al Sharpton, his words were awesome. I loved that he spoke to the children.
Both of these men did great things in their lives and helped many others, countless others that we will never know of. I'm going to remember that.
Now I do NOT want to know all the sordid details of their lives, I do not want to see some doctor trying to make a name for himself on Larry King suggesting he is the father of some of these little kids.. I do NOT want to hear the details of what went on the last 48 hours of Steve's life. Lets just remember the goodness and let authorities and those that need to know have the information.
Next week will be better.


  1. The sermon for McNair sounded like it was very good/interesting. I enjoyed listening the King siblings talk at the memorial.