Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do Toads PEE???????

My Day in Pictures~

Me and Dad are feeding the Hummers.. What would he do without me????

The Best Days of my life are when Sister Tina brings my boys! Precious, Rowdy and Little Bitty who can scream loud enough to clear your sinuses

Rowdy found a toad! Notice how Bitty is just so brave! NOT!

And then the Toad PEED on Rowdy! Mom thought he would throw him but he didn't :) He just put him down and went and scrubbed his hands like he was going to surgery!

Precious laughed so hard he almost turned himself inside out!

Little Bro had to investigate!

Then Rowdy did a "Moon Walk" ~

Sister Tina was trying to help Precious ride the bike. HELLO I'M HERE! Penny the Wonder Dog????? no respect~

Ice cream for hot little boys~!

Do ya think Bitty is a tad jealous of Precious in his Papa's lap?????????

Precious loves his Papa and his Papa loves him. Precious is going to school in a couple of weeks. Sister Tina is having ANXIETY ATTACKS! ~
That's my day.. We had a very bad storm tonight and I hit in my igloo!



  1. I love these kind of days too, where we just kind of do nothing, but hang out & talk:) & yes I am having anxiety attacks, how come no one told me Jimmy was going to grow up so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The toad peeing on Riley, PRICELESS! What a sweet boy Liam is:)

  2. The toad peeing on Rowdy is hysterical. It makes me laugh at how hard Jimmy laughed at it. I love lazy days of summer.

  3. Riley's moon walk is cracking me up!

  4. Uh peeing toads...ish! I think Tina and I could have panic attacks together...they don't put a chapter in the parenting book about kids growing up...Lee will be going to school in a few weeks too....sigh....