Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Bitty's BACK!!!!!!!

Helllllllllllooooooooooo EVERYBODEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :) tis me Penny the Wonderdog of Emmett Stone Lane. ( I keep adding to my name cuz I'm amazing!)

Today was Itty Bitty's first day to go back to school with his Papa(Good Ole Dad)

They are learning the Alphabet at school. This is "A" week!

Bitty arrived with an "A" stamp on his hand.. He was so proud!

After his lunch he decided he wanted to have a birthday party! Nooooooo it's not his birthday, but remember he's 3 years old and he and his Papa have lots of ideas~

Mom thought he was going to singe off his eyebrows!

Then it was off to feed "Bill" some "corns".. These "corns" came from Dad's garden!

It took all of us to "help".. Me, Annoying little sister and Lil Bro Spike.Do you see Lil Brother?He's just a SPECK! not a Spike:)Bitty posed for Mom by standing on Lil Bro's house! Everyone says Bitty looks just like Mom did when she was a little girl, that makes her smile~


  1. too cute & sweet:)

  2. Oh Yummy had a great day! He does look like his grandmommy.