Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thankful Tues/Nurses

Ok.. maybe I should rephrase the title to GOOD nurses. I hold my mother and daughter up as the Standard and all nurses fall short! BUT there are some good ones, some very good ones, some very kind ones and I'm not going to waste my energy on those that are not. Good nurses make it bearable to have to wind my way thru this web of doctors and tests and hospitals and surgeries, and poking and prodding. I'm being totally honest when I say I have lost all faith in doctors. Not that I don't think they are all stupid I just think they no longer care. But the nurses who help me thru all of this do care and are gentle and caring and loving and smart and sometimes very funny! During my different hospital stays I've always kind of held my breath when each shift changes cuz you just don't know what's coming! but by in large the nurses are the caregivers and the carers. and I am thankful that I have them to turn to.

I do have to mention one case in a recent hospital stay when a Registered Nurse told me quite candidly that she didn't know how to put in an IV! Now I have NO idea how this girl got her license but trust me, I didn't want her learning on me and appreciated her honesty!


  1. I have had some wonderful nurses. The ones you tend to remember are the ones who were awful and you can't imagine how they got/keep their job. I'm glad for those who do their job well and truly like their patients.

  2. I can't believe that RN didn't know how to do an IV!!!! Holy Moly I might have said something to someone at that point...good gravey!