Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conversations with Super Fireman!

Hi Papa.. The Firetruck is coming to my school today so I have on my Super fireman clothes!

(continual jibber jabber all the way to school about the firetruck!)

After School

Bye Ms Laura, I'm going to the Pizza Hut! hmmmmm papa says, I don't think Grandma is dressed, she might say no. WELL I SAY YES!

on the way to Papa's house= Oh PAPA, I got to touch the AIR TANK! you did????? Yes, I was very brave~ It was cold.. and Ms Marcy tried on the Fire Suit! It was really really big!. Did you get to ride in the truck? Oh yes I drove it!

arriving at Papa's house= I'll just sit in the car and wait on Grandmommy! uhhh what if she doesn't want to go? I SAID YES!.........oooooooooookay~~~ I think you better come in, Grandmommy has to dry her hair. ~~long suffering sigh~~~ RUNNING DOWN THE HALL..........Grandmommy, we are ready to go to Pizza Hut!

back in the truck... Liam did you have fun with the firetruck visiting? Yes, I'm the Super Fireman and I drove the truck.. Just like this..(demonstration)

Do you know where the Pizza Hut is? Yes! you go this way and that way and down the road.. and it's not there, that's a burger place and not there it's a chicken place!

Finding a seat in the Pizza hut.. You need to move Grandmommy, I'm sitting by you! OOOOOOOkay~~ I don't like this pizza it's cold.. Mine's cold too, I'll get more.. I'll help :)

(Jumping up and down on the seat in the booth) Liam you need to stop, your going to get hurt!. ( he hit his hand on the way down) HUGE SOBS.. YOU MADE ME CRY!!!!!!!

I NEED MORE LEMONADE! ok, we will ask the nice lady... Thank you nice lady:)

When we leave I want a BONZ! What is that??????? A BONZ!!!! a dog BONZZZZ.. oh in the machine.. Papa pulls out the money and he has a handful of "bonz".. Grandmommy got a blue one Papa got a yellow one!

(on the way to Walmart) Be thinking of what you'd like for Papa to get you.. hmmmmmm ok, I want a flower.. A FLOWER?????? no I want a Skateboard.....hmmmmm nah I don't think so.

OH LOOK THERE IS DIEGO!!!!!!!!!! Yes! that's a good present! (he puts the flower back that he was carrying)

(Grandmommy is phoning his DaDa cuz her and Papa have stuff to do) LET ME TALK LET ME TALK!!!!!! ok.................... Daniel, he's coming home.. be prepared he's wired:)

Love this boy!!


  1. Yummy is just halarious! And in charge! :)

  2. I LOVED reading this post, made me laugh! He knows how to operate his grandmommy and Papa! ;)