Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun Family Weekend!

This is my Family~ I love my Family! oooooops Spike is missing :( He hides when my "Little Peeps" arrive:)

Sister Suzy arrived on Friday night with her Lindsey and Horsey Girl! I knew as soon as they arrived, this was going to be a GOOD WEEKEND!

Saturday morning here comes brother Daniel with his Kat and Little Bitty... Now how can this get any better!

Then in the afternoon Sister Tina with her Wayne and Rowdy and Precious came! Now this is getting way too much fun!

Good Ole Dad got a Chimenea for his birthday and Kat put it together~ She's good at that.. And Lindsey planted some flowers in my favorite flower bed! mmmmmmmmmph....This I'm not happy with~ I'm leaving it alone right now but when they are not looking I may just 'rearrange' it ..

When it got close to sunset Rowdy and Little Bitty gathered up sticks and wood and Dad got a great fire going! Then everyone Roasted Hot Dogs and then S'Mores! I only got 4 hotdogs and 8 graham crackers.. Not sure that part was fair.

Precious got to feed Bill a carrot! He thought that was very funny.

We also gave Tina her late birthday presents. She got cool stuff including her SnowKitty!

The next day, everyone arrived back again and Good Ole Dad grilled hamburgers for everyone! Mom had made potato salad and fruit salad, because those are Brother Daniel's favorite things. We had a bit of a thunder shower but we got to celebrate Dad and Brother Daniel's Birthday. Sister Suzy got Good Ole Dad a beautiful cake and a funny cake.

Bro Daniel and Dad opened lots of presents! I had to stay outside. I'm not sure why cuz I invited my new friend to come to the party and the kids loved that:)

Little Bitty got stung by a hornet and got slammed in a door :( He screamed but he's tough and he just wanted to hang out with all his family!

Everyone headed home and Dad got called to work that made mom sad. Mom's tired but she took a little walk with me and that made me happy.


  1. Whew what a busy weekend! Penny I don't think it was fair that was all you got to eat that day...you should have had one more hot dog!

  2. What a wonderful holiday/birthday weekend. Penny I would have given you my hotdog! I'm sorry Yummy got stung and slammed.