Monday, September 14, 2009

Closing the pool~ Summer is ending :(

Helloooooooooo People.. It's me PENNY from "The Lane" :) I know you miss me ~Oh boy look who arrived!!!!!!!!! LITTLE BITTY!!!!
He came with his Mama, who is brother Daniel's "Kat".. Kat is very special, she comes when Mom and Dad calls for help... and of course she bring Little Bitty. And that makes ALL of us happy:)

Kat love "Annoying".. why???? WHY??? sigh........

They came for a reason.. It's time to close the pool! Bitty is helping his Papa get the "new" cover out of the box. He was VERY excited!

He's so excited he could just almost explode! I said HEY BITTY IT"S A GIANT PILLOW!

He's just so darn cute! never mind he's doing something he shouldn't!

Kat, Dad, Bitty and Annoying are deciding what to do next!

Kat is tying one side of the giant pillow!

Dad is typing the other side of the pillow!

Oh yes and here comes Bitty to ORGANIZE!

Come on now people... just get in line and get this in order.. I DO know how to do it, can't you just step back?????

OH OH Bitty....... He's looking for HORNETS!!!!!!!

No need to worry Bitty, I won't let them past this line!

This is the knot that Bitty tied~ Isn't he talented!

This is the face of Bitty when he tells Mom NO PICTURES!

Mom agreed to let him take her picture so she could take his! she's not sure she got the good end of this!

OOOOOOOOOO Now the exciting part.. THE NEW COVER!

Well Never mind......... it didn't fit.. back to the old cover.

This would probably be the first nail :)

He's trying to pick out JUST the right nail~

OK Papa, you can have the hammer back!

It was a good day~ I got to have Little Bitty and Kat all afternoon.. The pool is covered..Summer is almost's sad about that.


  1. Well Penny, I miss you. I look every day. Your cousing Maggie is sitting by my bed trying to make me feel better.

  2. Closing the pool up isn't nearly as fun as opening it up in the Spring! Sigh, I think Fall is actually coming.

  3. Fall is coming faster than I'm ready for Penny. I think its coming cause we had an early summer, starting in May...

  4. I loved all the pics...we were just soooo cute and we are real ladies!!!!! But just toset the record straight...she did push me into the pig pen.