Monday, September 28, 2009

Fireman Lumberjack!

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO PEEPS! It's me your favorite Emmett Stone Lane protector!

Brother in law Lindsey? Pay no attention to the dirt on my nose.. I did not dig up Jesus and the 7 dwarfs.. I did not I did not :-/

This was one of the all time most exciting days that me and Little Bitty have EVER experienced!

Dear ole Dad's Friend "Fireman Lumberjack" came! and boy oh boy did Lumber mean business! I must admit some of it was just ever so slightly scary, but Mom has me so you know that no one was injured in the making of this blog :)

As soon as Little Bitty got home from school here came "Lumber" and he drives a white truck just like Dad's, so me and little Bitty and Annoying, and Lil Bro were all slightly confused!

Now the first thing that Lumber did was whip out his giant VERY noisy chain saw and then Dad whipped his not so giant but very noisy chain saw and they started attacking one very dead tree.

Me, Mom and Little Bitty had our chair set up to watch and take pictures but Lumber told us to move cuz it might come that way(errrrrr it did too). So we moved way far away and there was a whole lot of sawing and buzzing and hollering and all of a sudden.....TIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. I almost jumped out of my beautiful brown coat and Little bitty was SO excited he was jumping up and down and mom didn't get a movie of the tree! it happened too fast.

Little Bitty was AMAZED!

This is Fireman Lumberjack, after the T I M B E R.......... part :)

You will notice that I am in charge of the gas can and scanning the horizon for any danger!

No matter how much excitement is going on.. THIS is what Lil Bro Spike was doing.. His most favorite thing.. Rolling in the driveway! ya got an itch LIL BRO!

I am directing Little Bitty to the action. We don't want him to get hurt! Mom was just sure two old fireman were going to be bleeding before the day ended! Lumber got knocked in the head and Dad got a pulled muscle but besides that they survived!

I felt a little bad for Annoying Little Sister...She was scared and came and climbed in Mom's lap then sat on the picnic table with her.

Isn't that just about the most ANNOYING FACE!!!!!!!!! well, kinda pitiful when I think about it.

Whewww-~~~~~~~~~~~ been a long day.. Dad's exhausted, Mom is wasted, Bitty's little legs were walked of and sister and lil bro are all sound asleep!

An Absolutely picture perfect beautiful day. Even Mr. Bumble Bee thought so:)


  1. What a terribly exciting day! Thank you for watching out for everyone Penny. A very big Thank you.

  2. Whew Penny! Just reading your blog I'm exhausted! I hope you took a nap at some point during the day! Glad you had a good day!

  3. I cannot read this and not think of Daniel and Jesus. Oh Jesus!