Friday, September 18, 2009

Grandma's "Stories"

One of my earliest memories is of Grandma and her "Stories". Soaps we call them today. Grandma listen to four 15 minute stories. The order I'm not sure but they were:

Edge of Night

Search for Tomorrow

Guiding Light

As the World Turns

Now when I say listen I mean listen! It was radio. We didn't even own a tv when I started listening with Grandma. Then they went to TV shows. They lasted for 15 minutes and if I recall, were all done in one hour for our watching pleasure.

I faithfully continued to watch all the time my children were growing up until I had to work and then only caught them now and then. BUT if you only catch them now and then you get the point:)

Search for Tomorrow was one of the first to bite the dust in 1982. That was probably my favorite, but I guess it got old fashioned for the age group they were aimed at.

Then "The Edge of Night" was cancelled in 1984. That one was kind of exciting cuz it always had some sort of court drama or murder or dark side going on :) But it too I think was replaced by more "relevant" drama's.

I still watched Guiding Light and As the World Turns faithfully. When I had my home day care I was able to keep up pretty good in the afternoon. Then Guiding Light got weird! They started having these story lines that were beyond unbelievable, they were stupid and silly. When Reva got cloned, I turned in my Guiding Light papers:(

Well today I watched the final episode of Guiding Light and there was an aging Reva, Josh, Billy etc. They even brought back Mindy, who was such a BAD girl! It was sort of bitter sweet. I really hate to see these ending, even if I didn't watch it any more. It was sad to remember me and Grandma listening to that so long ago and now it's gone.

BUT I still have As The World Turns, and that was Grandma's favorite! It use to be the most popular soap on the air, but it has slipped in the past decade also. They do a lot of scenes in basically two places and lots of out door stuff now. I still love to watch it and hope it continues on for the rest of my life. Some of the things that are on that show now, make me fear that they are really trying to reach the young young crowd and really I suspect it's the over 50 crowd that mostly watch. Anyway, I feel like I'm watching for Grandma, and I'll catch her up some day!

Good Luck "Baurs & Spauldings" I'll miss you!


  1. I hate when things come to and end when it holds such a special place in our heart. And sometimes you really don't realize it until it is on it's way out. I have sobbed on some of those and laughed at myself at the same time...but it's still hard.

  2. I remember traveling with Grandma the summer of "Luke and Laura" We had so much fun watching them.

  3. Defintely the end of an era...sigh....