Friday, September 4, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday on Friday!

Why does my cat come and beg to drink out of the little dogs water in her kennel in the bathroom closet????? he has 4 accessible drinking options!

Last night I was sitting under my large old oak tree and heard it sounding like it was raining. It was ACORNS FALLING! It can't mean fall that would be winter next and I hate winter so bad.

Why when Penny is bored does she feel the necessity to travel around the neighborhood and gather up friends and bring them back to our house?

Why am I hearing this big commotion about our President speaking to the children of the nation about good study habits etc.? I have the vision in my mind of our former president sitting and reading to a group of children when he was told about 9-11. In fact I can think back to Eisenhower speaking to school children.

Why does my husband go buy himself stuff the week before his birthday????????

How can I be married to a 70 year old man????????????

I'm really bummed that Natalie won HOH on BB.

I had a good talk with a woman dr. this week. She had the AUDACITY to say another doctor was 100% wrong :) I love her!

Why do people have to be rude? I ask this because I try very hard to be polite and taught my children to be polite and for some reason in today's atmosphere that's considered weak I think. And the Internet is like an invitation for people to be rude.

TooSweet got a birthday e card from her Vet this week :) I made her sit in my lap and watch it.

I wish my pool were about 90 degrees.

Why do I still have hot flashes and I'm 68 years old?

It can't be autumn I have hummingbirds fighting over the feeders!

I just watched 10 minutes of news...that's my limit..why is there so much hate in our country? Looking back I know when it started about 1990 and it's come to a point that I feel like I'm living in a pressure cooker instead of America.

I got my nails and toes done to day and got sung to in Vietnamese...I love my nail people :)


  1. Did Penny's friend stay or find his way home?

  2. Love this post! Did it make you feel better to get all that off your chest? LOL! My pet peeve is that people seem to prefer being grumpy when being happy is so much easier?

  3. Yes Joy, I got all my frustrations out :) Why do people have to be so nasty! Tina has run in to it a lot the past couple of weeks and she is just trying to make things work!