Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~My Saint is Seventy~

Happy Birthday!!! September 10, 1939 my Sainted husband was born. In a little house, at the end of a little street, in a little town called Daisy. I could just write a paragraph or post a couple picture's but he really deserves far more. He deserves an entire biography, but I'm not quite up to that during the next hour:) I will say that he's the best husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and grandfather that anyone could ask for I can also say he loves his family more then life it's self. And most of all he loves his wife, which I never take for granted

At "Ground Zero" in NYC. One of the highlights of his life.

During the past 3 years he has totally taken care of me, by himself, without a complaint. And I know I'm not always easy to live with. It's hard to be always cheerful or in a good mood when your sick and only he knows how sick I have been and continue to be. Without him I would be lost, he is my everything. And today I wish him the most wonderful 70th birthday he can possible have!

When he was just 17 years old he joined the Air Force and was sent to Texas to get his basic training. He didn't even have a driver's license! When he was 18 he was sent to Korea. A very green kid who had no "worldly" sense at all:) But he went, and he served his country proudly until he was discharged in 1962 and brought his wife and baby daughter to his home in Tennessee.

Now when he got here, he had no guarantee of an absolute job and limited training in the military. I think we stayed with his parents less then two weeks and we got our own apartment and he was hustling for every job he could find. He had jobs he didn't like, he had jobs that were demeaning to him but his wife and child were ALWAYS taken care of and that remained the case from then till now:) There have been time's when he has held 4 jobs, but he did it willingly and without complaint as that is what he was taught you do. Until the last 5 years he's always had 2 jobs, but now he's slowing down and just has is one.. He's an EMT and a Fireman and I'm very proud of him. He even went back to the military when he was 40 he joined the Army National Guard and eventually retired with 27 years of service. Those years of service have provided us with more security then most of the people I know today

We love to travel around this country and this picture is one Christmas Day with Cha Cha in Florida!

It is very hard to even think of this handsome hero of mine to be 70! We were teenagers when we met and I was still a teen when we married. When people ask me how long we've been married I always say my whole life. This is true, my life began when I married him.

June 24, 1960 Parkland, Washington

He was not born in any type of wealth or a family of some sort of high status in Daisey TN. He was the first born child and son of L. E. and Grace Brown. They went on to have 5 more sons and one daughter and he is the big brother to all of them! He attended most of his childhood in Chattanooga and finished his school at the same high school in Manchester that all 3 of his children graduated.

I will never forget how he looked when our first baby was born.

Suzy looking at her her Daddy when she was 6 days old:)

I really didn't know then, how much more he knew about babies then I did! nor did I know then how much he LOVED babies and kids of all ages. I knew he loved my two little nephews Stevie and Scotty. He could not get enough of them! But when his own little girl was born, he was over the moon!

We went on to have another daughter who only allowed her daddy to change her or do almost anything with her till she was about 3!

Tina making "goo goo" eyes at her Daddy in 1963

Daniel and his Dad have spent 36 birthdays together~

Then 10 years later we had our baby boy and I remember the big smile on his face and the thrill that not only he had his baby boy, he was born the day after his birthday!
Daniel on the day he came home from the hospital~

Daddy and his very special girls!

That boy adored his Daddy and did everything with his Daddy. One of his fondest memories is going to the Manchester Fire Hall in the morning to have doughnuts and coffee with the Firemen:) His Daddy wanted to be with him all the time and wanted to show him off all the time. In fact in all these many years of raising children, he always wanted his kids with him wherever we went, and we rarely went anywhere without them.

Now he has 4 grandchildren he adores. He has waited his whole life for them. There is nothing like that first grandchild, nothing ever. And Caroline was not only our first grandchild, she's his only granddaughter! and we had all waited so long for her. Caroline and her Papa were inseparable since the day he picked her up for the first time. Even though we have never lived close to her, he and she are VERY close.

Now THIS is a dedicated Grandfather!

Then we waited another 10 years before the next grandchild! Now of course we have the 3 little boys that he adores. Riley is an amazing "helper" to him, Jimmy brings out his soft side, and Liam and he have this amazing "thing" going~(he is a little Daniel)
Papa's boy~

All the wonderful grandchildren with their Papa

Now another unique quality about him is his love for animals. We affectionately call him "Doctor DooLittle".. If we had the time and money we would have every stray animal in the world in our bed I do believe!

I've never known this man to turn down anyone who needed help, but he has more common sense then anyone I've ever known. I would trust his judgment on any issue.
Mostly this man of mine has a wonderful sense of humor.. Not only does he appreciate other humor, he is the perpetrator of most of the humor in our house and in our family! Life would be dull without him.
So I will end this by just saying I love this man, more then life and I wish him a wonder 70th birthday and pray there are many many more that we can celebrate together

and PS. I would add, that my husband has never had things given to him and we've struggled more then probably the average family, but never does he whine or dwell on what might have been etc. He's worked hard for his family and has done the best he could. and I'll add again I love him dearly.


  1. THIS was an amazing post! I love you Uncle Brownie and you ARE the best ever! Happy Birthday.

  2. Your post is absolutely awesome Sharon. My favorite brother in law in the world.

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