Saturday, September 19, 2009


HELLOOOOOOOOOO EVERBODEEEEEEEEE It's Me.. Man oh Man Oh Man has it rained all week, I've barely been able to leave my igloo, let alone perform my Emmett Stone Lane duties!
This morning Mom and Dad were up early.. Now THAT's amazing cuz they never get up early on Sat, UNLESS they are going somewhere or someone is coming here. Well just my luck, no one is coming and you would NOT believe who got to climb in the truck and go with them!!!!!

Yes.. you may all say it with me " I COULD JUST SPIT!"

Now I wasn't there OF COURSE..because me and LIL Bro always get left, but I hear that this was FAIR ENTRY DAY!!!!!! So Mom and Good Ole Dad took their photo's and off they went in the pouring down rain. Here is Dad entering his :)

and you just would NOT believe which picture they oooooooood and awwwwwwwwwed over!
I think Mom was about to cry! and just think about ME.. Here is my most favorite favorite :) If I do say so myself.. and I can say so cuz it's my blog!

And Mom has this one fixed as an Oil Painting with her photo program so I am super super cool looking:) if that little brat wins over me, I may just have to step on her!

So in the meantime, here we sit on our island.......waiting for the sun to shine!

Mom's poor pathetic Palm tree!


  1. LOL Your island sure got a lot of rain recently, hope you know how to swim! Take care and don't get too water logged.

  2. Hope they BOTH win:)!