Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter 20 "Is it over yet?"...."Winter, that is"

Chapter 20/"IS IT OVER YET?"..."WINTER, THAT IS!"

Bradford pear tree..mmmmmmmmm good..ACHOOOOOO

OK, here it is, the exact middle of March.. Come on Spring! We’ve only had a few days of snow but it’s been very cold and the wind and ice just keeps coming and coming. I just like to lay in front of me and “little brother’s” heater in my Igloo, until it’s Dinner time! Mom say’s it’s the longest winter of her life. Personally, I’m sort of with her except there was a time many years ago, when I was hurt very very badly and I spent the whole winter in the house on a fluffy blanket in a box. But Mom nursed me thru the whole winter, wasn’t THAT bad. One day I’ll tell you the entire episode!

But back to today.. Mom decided to take a 10 minute walk because that was what is “allowed” But it ended up being longer, cuz Mom has “Annoying” and my beautiful self and exciting things along the way!

So off she and “Annoying” go down to Angel Crest Drive to see if “Bill”(the horse) is around. Of course “Annoying” is a little terrorist, errrrr Terrior and she doesn’t understand that Bill could knock her little head COO COO, so she just run’s into the pasture yapping away, as only that little Yapper can! Fortunately for her, Bill is no where to be seen. But Mom spots something beautiful in the woods, and it wasn’t me..blush blush.. It was a whole little group of white and yellow daffodils.
We have them blooming all around but these were hid in the woods and was quite exciting!

Onward and upward they go to Dad’s little “bridge”. Now usually, that bridge is only for walking across a ditch. But oh boy do I love it.. I run back and forth on that bridge a 100 times a day when it’s not too cold or too hot! But today there is WATER under the bridge. Boy oh boy “Bugs” and “Rowdy” would have a blast today! I can’t imagine what was in that water :)

About this time, Mom notices that I, ME, MOI, Beautiful Penny the Neighborhood dog, her faithful companion for 9 years, the most important living being on Emmett Stone Lane….ME Penny is NOT with her!
Only Annoying is with her and that’s just wrong! What if she had needed my help?????????She made Little Brother stay in the house because he strayed too close to our Lane the other day and it scared her! I think this is sort of funny :)..anyway.. she starts Hollering..and hollering..and finally I hear her, right in the middle of a most delightful dream, I might add. This is my Yawn/Smile/Frown...I can't decide, since they forgot me!

OK… YAWN stretch…. HEY.. I’m missing out on an outing with Mom. I think it was just rude that she went out thru the deck door, instead of the garage, right by my Igloo! But I forgive quickly because I have discovered it’s warm! read that correctly it’s warm. Still lots of clouds after 3 days of rain, but the sun is peaking out in places!

I love walking with Mom even if “Annoying” has to accompany us. Actually, I’ve missed her since she doesn’t like cold weather either. Although she goes EVERYWHERE with Dad in his big white truck and I just don’t think I like that one bit. Except she had to go see Dr. Amy this week and had sorts of indignities done to her..heh heh heh Plus she got a big ole shot in her butt, which makes me smile all over~

So we walk all around all the toppled down tree’s and branches. Boy Dad’s got a big job ahead of him after this winter.. It’s a good thing he has me and “Rowdy” to help!

Ooops..Mom finds that pesky little hole I enjoy so much by Jesus and the 7 Dwarfs!
She said some very unspeakable things to me, so I just laid down in the driveway and refused to move.. I am not going to move, I’m not…I’m not…I’m not going to move..ooooo gosh darn who can resist a pat on the head :)

So all and all a lovely little stroll(although, I’m still irritated that I missed the first half) and we are surrounded by beautiful blossoming trees and daffodils and I just KNOW that winter must be almost over! And mom’s 10 minutes turned in to 30, with picture taking and admiring Dad’s newly started Orchard(he’s so proud of it)..

I follow Mom to the door and as she opens it guess who pops out?????? Yup, Little Bro and boy is he ticked off! Hair is standing up all over his stubby little tail! Well that will teach you little boy..STAY AWAY FROM THE ROAD!

I, on the other hand, look both ways, cross over to MY SPOT and stretch out to soak up the sun…I can see all of my “Peeps” from this position and take care of all of Emmett Stone Lane. Whatta life~~~

No I'm not dead :) I'm soaking up RAYS!!!!!!

This is my PIT BULL imitation :)

Do you think this is my best side?
I have a surprise this stay tuned!


  1. Oh I can't wait! pins and needles!

  2. the yawn/smile/frown is too funny!

  3. Penny U do a great pit bull impression :)

  4. I love that you found Daffodiles in the middle of the woods...quiet and still beauty!