Friday, March 27, 2009

Chapter 23/Finally Friday

Some times I get sad. Some times I get very very sad. Sometimes I won’t even leave my Igloo all day because I’m sad. Sometimes I won't even eat and get very thin.One time I got so sad Mom took me to Doctor Amy because she thought something was very wrong. What was wrong was my big sister had died and gone to Doggy Heaven and I loved her very much. So I just lay for months and had my saddest of all sad faces on! Finally things started looking up again and I started playing outside with Mom and Dad and the little people that visit and I was ok :)

Well this week I’ve been sad again because Mom has been walking with me every day and she just stopped. Every day I wait for that door to open and for she and I to head down Angel Crest Lane, but she just has been “under the weather”. And let me tell you, we’ve had some weather to be UNDER!

But this morning I was up bright and early, because Dad had to go to work and it was pouring down rain, but you just will not believe what I saw! There was my Fred! And his Dean was with him and they were walking in the rain! It was so exciting, I bounded out to greet them, cuz I just know they need my assistance in their morning walk. We made quite a beautiful parade, even if Mom had to take the picture though the window!

So after I got thoroughly WET, I came back in and crawled back in my Igloo with the heater on…ahhhh it was so pleasant :)

After a wonderful morning nap, the sun started to show a little and I hear the sweet sound of my name being called. WHERE is that coming from??? OH It is MOM it is it is! I almost trip over my own feet trying to get out the garage door! And you know Little Brother and Annoying are not going to miss this outing! There we are off down Angel Crest lane. Oh happiness happiness. Well, we didn’t go very far down because we have our mini version of the Mississippi River flowing over the Lane! So we head back up towards Riley Creek Road.

Along the way, I point out some beautiful purple flowers and Mom took my picture in front of them. “blush blush”. We decide to head back across the lawn because it’s kind of wet on everyone. Watching Little Brother in anything even slightly wet is totally hysterical. He takes one step and shakes his little paw.. And another step and shakes another little paw and another step and another paw :-)we all laugh at him. Annoying of course just dives right in, never mind that Dad just gave her a bath and combed her! Oh he’s not going to like this at all.

Across the lawn we go and we pass by Mom’s “Deer”. Now Mom’s deer is not real, you see. It is a statue like she has all over her yard, but if you just glance at it, it looks real! One day when we first moved to this house we had some neighbors that had 3 Pit Bulls. And they came in to our yard (which mom didn’t like not even one little bit!) but then those stupid Pit Bulls surrounded that STONE deer and barked and bit at it for about 15 minutes! I stayed very close to the house but Mom and Dad watched from the window and laughed all day!

Well anyway, back to our walk and our story :) Mom is headed for the mailbox when this car goes speeding by.. She hollers at me PENNY NO!!!!!!! Oh darn…I just have to chase rrrrrr run beside it in my very own yard! So she is fussing and fussing at me and that darn car turns around and speeds back down the road and off I go again. We just can’t have them doing that! Now Mom is really mad at me. Thank goodness Lil Bro is already to the house and Annoying is on the leash, or she would have REALLY been mad at me. Ooooooooooo well, it was a wonderful, but brief little walk and even if Mom did get mad at me she gave me a treat and I’m not sad anymore!:)



  1. I'm so glad you got to go for a walk Penny. Penny, STAY AWAY from cars on the road!

  2. Pretty pictures....No chasing cars Miss Penny!

  3. So Ms. Penny...we have about an inch of snow on the ground, when do you suppose it will stop and stop raining enough for me to get my garden going? Running after cars is NEVER a good idea...I'm just saying! Hope you have a good weekend Penny!